How to Market a Car Rental Company on Instagram.

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How to Market a Car Rental Company on Instagram.

Many rental companies completely overlook social media when building a marketing strategy for their brand – but social media is the best platform to promote any business. The first thing that may come to your mind is Facebook and Twitter, but these platforms are outdated in comparison to Instagram.
Instagram is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms present today. There is an estimated 800 million active users every month, and most of them are Millennials. Younger generations spend most of their time going through their Instagram feeds and Millennials are known to do thorough research before deciding to make any purchase – which is why it is extremely important to market your car rental through Instagram.
Instagram’s network allows you to reach a wider audience – and that is exactly what we at Navotar aim to do. Navotar the leading Car Rental Software provider and Car Rental Marketing Strategist ensures that your company gets higher rankings on search engines, which can increase your bookings by 70%. Auto rental marketing is one of our specialty and we are dedicated to taking your company higher – with proven results!
So how can you market a car rental company on Instagram? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Frequent Posts
    If you want to maintain consistent engagement with your audience it is important to create posts as frequently as possible.
    Consistent posting means your posts will appear on your followers feeds often and this way they will be aware of when your next post would be up – which will result in frequent engagement.
  2.  Quality Content
    Make sure the images you use are of high quality, this is another way to ensure that people will like your posts and you will get more followers. It is also important to not limit your posts to photos only, post videos as well – these can be more informative and show the audience exactly what you are promoting without them having to read a lengthy caption below a photo.
  3.  Ads
    Instagram has a very convenient system for advertising which is easy to use, so make use of this option as much as possible.
    It allows you to target a specific audience and can easily increase engagement for your account. You can choose to create photo ads, video ads or, carousel ads (multiple photos and videos in one post). These ads will appear as stories or as posts on the feed.
    Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they allow you to link both accounts, this way you can easily manage an advertising campaign without any hassle.
  4. Communicate
    The best way to engage with your audience is by communicating with your audience.
    Keep track of people’s comments on your posts – like and reply, make sure you reply to any direct messages in your inbox – these can be potential customers. Having good customer support is important even through a social media account.
    This will also help you learn more about your customers and what they are interested in about your company and services. This insight can greatly help you improve upon your business and ensure that your customers get the best service.
    Encourage customers to post photos of the car they have rented and repost these on your account, this shows that your company is reliable and that your services are great – leading to more likes and follows.
  5.  Social Media Influencers
    Influencers are trending in the world of social media, and they have many followers. Collaborating with an influencer can help promote your company instantly and garner a bigger following.
    Look for influencers who have an interest in cars and are willing to work with you and promote your company. The lifestyle that these influencers project is important so collaborate with people you think will represent your company well.
  6.  Hashtags
    Hashtags are very important when it comes to using Instagram. Keep track of the latest trends in hashtags within the car rental industry and use these hashtags on your posts. This will increase the reach of your content and ensure that the target audience is people who are specifically interested in what your company has to offer.
  7.  Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant
    If you want to ensure that your company account has maximum engagement then hiring an expert will be your best option.
    Digital marketing consultants like Navotar focus on SMM (social media marketing) to increase web traffic and market reach, to help your company stand out from the rest and be easily accessible to potential clients.

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