Benefits of listing your rental fleet in Travel Networks such as Kayak, Sky Scanner & CarTrawler

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Benefits of listing your rental fleet in Travel Networks such as Kayak, Sky Scanner & CarTrawler

Car rental businesses are a part of the fast growing travel industry, it has been estimated that the global car rental market is expected to reach approximately USD 124.56 billion by the year 2022. However, car rental companies cannot only rely on global economic growth for successful revenue, many other strategies come into play, and one such strategy is Travel Networking.

Listing your company with Travel Networks can benefit you by bringing in more business and, that is what we at Navotar focus on. We have partnered with CRX – a booking engine – which will allow you to advertise your inventory globally with the click of a button while being able to manage all Network Channels within one system.

CRX in turn is integrated with International Network Sites such as KAYAK, Sky Scanner and Cartrawler, therefore, rental agencies will be able to access reservations made from these Travel Network sites which are directed via CRX to their systems.

This service is offered by the Navotar Car Rental Software to customers willing to list their company with a Travel Network site. The benefits that come with utilizing this solution are:

  1. Less marketing cost with higher reservations!

Running your own car rental website is quite expensive and you have to keep track of everything i.e. SEO, handling social media accounts, keeping track of reservations, communicate with clients etc.

However, if you list your company with KAYAK, Sky Scanner, and Cartrawler, these websites will handle the marketing and direct reservations towards your company without much hassle as they are directly linked to the Navotar Car Rental software.

This allows renters to be directed to your agency’s website with ease and your company will be able to receive more reservations for a lower marketing cost.

  1. Using Travel Networks will make sure that your vehicles are 100% utilized!

Just having a website for your car rental company is not enough to maintain and keep your business running! You need to use other modes of marketing and promotion in order to get clients to book your vehicles and that is exactly what Travel Networks do.

Listing your business on these sites can ensure that your vehicles are 100% utilized as they handle everything from marketing to reservations. All reservations made through KAYAK, Sky Scanner, or Cartrawler are then sent through to the Navotar Car Rental Software which will help you manage these reservations methodically and efficiently.

If you are a start-up business, opting for Navotar’s car rental software will greatly help boost your business as it is linked with Travel Network sites online and, make your company more visible as they are proficient in marketing.

  1. Additional Benefits

KAYAK, Sky Scanner and, Cartrawler provide additional benefits for renters and offer a customized service. These sites are highly trusted sources and many people make bookings through them, therefore listing your company with these networks will be highly beneficial in expanding your business.


Navotar, the leading Car Rental Software provider around the globe is now integrated with leading travel websites such as Kayak, Sky Scanner and Cartrawler. All the vehicles which are managed in Navotar Software can be displayed in the travel networks hence you shall get the reservation right to the Car Rental Software itself from the travel websites! It’s less hassle. Contact to give it a try!


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