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We are a global business, delivering the most comprehensive and flexible SaaS solution in the rental industry. Our platform has been designed with our customers to deliver operational efficiencies and growth opportunities for rental operators worldwide.
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    We have extensive experience in developing rental software and we understand the challenges businesses like you face, especially at a time of such disruption in our industry. That is why our purpose is to support you in delivering on your goals as easily and quickly as possible.

    Our team

    The only rental software you need, whatever your industry

    Rafael Mazzeo


    Naomi Virgo

    Managing Director

    Sawan Goyal

    Director, Software Development

    Jorge A Mireles

    Operations Director

    Our mission

    To leverage our passion to develop innovative software for all verticals of the rental industry and help our customers’ businesses worldwide to thrive.

    Our promise

    We believe in being first and fast. We do not simply make promises, we stick to them. A promise from RENTALL is a commitment to deliver a platform that supports your business goals, keeps you at the forefront of innovation and drives performance.


    We’re proud to have been named an award-winning rental platform many times. Below are just some of our current awards.

    True Partnership
    We don’t just talk about a customer first approach; we live and breathe it. By putting our customers front and center of the development of our platform, we make sure that you get the best software product on the market, because it is literally designed to suit your needs. We know that trust is earned, not given. That’s why we strive to deliver above your expectations in everything from the software itself to our ongoing support and training. Your Account Manager will always be available at the end of the phone and We also have an online Customer Support Portal.
    Focus on the Future

    The rental industry is in a state of flux. Old ways are rapidly being replaced by digital transformation and a shift to contactless interactions. Both our customers and their customers seek greater ease and convenience than ever before, and this is only going to accelerate.
    As a result, we focus our development on agility to give you greater confidence. You can relax in the knowledge that you are ready for the future now and your software will never get left behind.We continuously adapt and evolve as the industry takes on a new shape and, by developing fast, constantly innovating and releasing regularly, we ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition.

    Protecting our planet

    We believe that in today’s world every business has a duty to look after the environment. Playing our part in this journey is something we are deeply passionate about.This is why we have a number of initiatives that we have put in place to ensure we remain focussed on a responsible and green future.

    We are proud to be running our Electric Vehicle Fleet System to give our clients the ability to manage an electric vehicle fleet using a system that is tailored to their needs.

    We also developed a car sharing module for our platform to minimize the number of vehicles on the road and therefore reduce harmful emissions.

    Alongside these product features we also deliver paperless rental agreements to ensure we protect the planet’s trees – the lungs of the Earth.

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    your entire rental process.

    Works with all types of Rental Companies to track every interaction from reservations to return.

    Our partners

    At RENTALL we are delighted to work with a range of partners across many industries.  This gives us the ability to fully tailor our platform around your existing technical infrastructure and deliver the best outcomes for both you and your clients.

    Contact us to hear more about our mutually beneficial partnership programs.

    Start your rental business with RENTALL

    You can find out more about the platform here or schedule a demo using the short form.

      Start your rental business with RENTALL

      You can find out more about the platform here or schedule a demo using the short form.