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    "Our minimum fleet size required to implement RENTALL is 10 vehicles. However, we do make exceptions in certain cases, such as expected growth in the next 12 months, or other factors in your operation. To discuss your business and see how RENTALL can work for you, please contact and a member of our sales team will reach out to you."

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Reach globally with RENTALL

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Start getting online reservations 24 X 7 by adding the RENTALL Reservation Plugin on your website!

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Reserve in 4 Clicks

    With RENTALL’s car rental reservation plugin, make an online booking in just 4 clicks.

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Works in Real Time

    Connect with RENTALL’s Car Rental Software in real-time to avoid double booking.

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Responsive Design

    User-friendly design is accessible from any computer or mobile device.
    Online Reservation Plugin

    Process Payment

    Confirm bookings and collect advance payments upon making a reservation. We guarantee 100% secure payment processing.
    Online Reservation Plugin

    Confirmation eMails

    Instant notifications and updates for you and your customers with automated emails.
    Online Reservation Plugin

    Integrated Website

    Our car rental reservation software plugin can be integrated with any website.

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Management of fleet, customer and the company with different tools are strong alone – but they’re even better together, and that’s why you should choose RENTALL!

    Online Reservation Plugin

    Customers and businesses are strong alone, but when they come together, they’re even better. Choose RENTALL for all your car rental needs.
    Now when your customers visit your site, they can quickly fill in the vehicle reservation information. The reservation will go directly to your online vehicle rental system, and you will be immediately updated when a vehicle is reserved.
    Our auto rental software simplifies the rental process for everyone. All your client has to do is come and pick up the vehicle! Streamline your daily operations with RENTALL to focus your time and efforts on what really matters, developing and managing your business.

    Online booking in just 4 clicks!

    Online Reservation Plugin

    RENTALL Offers An Additional Responsive Reservation Plugin To Allow Your Customers To Reserve
    Vehicles Straight From Your Website From Just 4 Steps!

    Easily select your locations and dates. Specify your needs right away by selecting the location, dates and the promotion code if relevant. Our easy to use reservation plugin makes it easy for customers to quickly find what they’re looking for on your site. An iframe connected to the system can be placed into your existing website. Embrace the flow of new customers online now!
    Additional features like up sales and additional extras are easily accessed. Showcase all your extras in one convenient place. The ‘SELECT EXTRA’ section of the reservation plugin is designed to easily show which extras are available. RENTALL’s main focus is giving the end user a remarkable experience during the online reservation process.
    In the final step, customers can input their personal information for on-the-spot payments. RENTALL supports PayPal, Cardknox, and Authorize.Net as payment gateway providers. The payment section can also be excluded if you are not interested in processing payments on the spot, configurations will be done upon your requirements. Our online reservation plugin makes the payment process a breeze.
    Customers can select a vehicle to suit their needs from the list display featuring the model, sample vehicle, transmission and price. This feature works in real time with RENTALL’s Car Rental Software, meaning the vehicle availability, reservations, agreements and payment made online are all synced with the system. This eliminates double bookings and internal confusion. A convenient user interface is what your customers expect. We are constantly improving our software to improve user experience.

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    Online Reservation Plugin
    Online Reservation Plugin