How Navotar helps you to manage the car rental business effectively while busy season?



Managing a car rental business during seasonal periods can be a mess if you are a medium sized company. As a car rental company, focusing on increasing revenue and reducing cost takes priority. Furthermore, it is vital to understand that systemizing the entire management process would help cut down on extra costs and effort, ultimately leading to increased revenue and stability.

Navotar helps car rental companies manage their entire rental flow by providing access to all necessary information, especially when it comes to the check-in and check out processes. Navotar also creates and records rental contracts and agreements for each car rental that is done. When it comes to cutting down costs, damage inspection helps car rental companies detect and record damages in Navotar’s report damage section. One of Navotar’s greatest features is the daily planner. The daily planner is like a calendar but where the listed vehicles and slots correspond to the dates where the empty slots can be used for bookings while the utilized slots are marked in colors to denote the status of the fleet. The primary purpose of this calendar-based system is to allow users to make bookings in a very convenient way and to help them understand the status of their entire fleet with a single look. This would help create a more efficient workflow by preventing double bookings and other confusion.

Navotar is made up of a lot of features focused on providing solutions for complex problems a car rental company would deal with. Navotar wants to help keep you organized during the busy seasonal periods so that you can spend less time troubleshooting errors and more time growing your business.

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