Get your customers hooked on their loaner car rentals

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Get your customers hooked on their loaner car rentals

A loaner car service is offered as a convenience when your customer brings in their car for servicing.

Many dealerships have a wide selection of loaner cars that the customer can choose from. 

Here are some ways you can promote loaner car rentals and persuade your customers to use your loaner service and potentially persuade them to upgrade their vehicle.

Give the customer great options 


If you are running a car rental business or a car dealership, it is most likely that customers will head over to your company for repairs or servicing.

With good customer relationships and positive communication, you can grab this situation to talk about your loaner car option.

The customer will have to definitely have a backup plan for his/her transport, while you take care of their existing car’s repairs. Give them loaner cars as a convenient solution.  

Show an upgraded loaner car 


Take note of the car model they are currently using and have given to you to be repaired. Show them a vehicle that is better than their existing one.

Even though the loaner car will be rented out from you for a short course of time, there are possibilities for the customer to like the loaner car model than theirs.

And, you may never know, the upgraded loaner car might be their next choice of ride!  

Explain the advantages of a loaner car 


Strengthen your customer relationship and convince them how easy it is to rent a loaner car with you.

Subtly explain about the convenience of loaner car rentals. Be sure to mention all the attractive features and price points.

Casually mention how much the loaner car would cost and its value in the market.

This will be at the back of their mind as a reference for future decision making! 

Hassle-free loaner car experience 


Once you excite the customers with the loaner car options, be sure to act on it fast.

Customers don’t like waiting for the keys to their new upgraded loaner car. Be on your feet and keep the process of signing up for the loaner car a smooth one!

The time between the customer’s request for a loaner car and for the customer to get behind the wheels should be as short as possible.

Make it a pleasant experience and the customer will return with a positive note for sure. 

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