How to expand loaner car rentals into a standalone business

how to expand your loaner car rental business

Expanding dealership loaner car rentals is a great avenue for building a profitable business.

The core business operation of a car rental company’s or dealership’s is a good fleet management system. With a great fleet management system, you will have a clear idea of your business’s performance.

A better understanding of your business with analytics and data will help you make steer your business in the right direction. 

In order to succeed as a loaner car rental, you should have a great fleet management system.

Let’s see how good fleet management software could help identify the profit potential of your business. 

Fleet Maintenance

A well-maintained fleet will keep your existing and new customers happy. Keep track of every vehicle’s maintenance and servicing schedules.

Stay up to date on any maintenance updates released by the manufacturer to avoid unwanted trouble.

Having a system that notifies you at the right time of all the maintenance appointments of each vehicle will help you run your business efficiently and save you a lot of time. 

Inventory Management 

Make sure you have the right number of vehicles in your fleet that matches the demand.

The inventory management feature in good fleet management software will help you avoid unnecessary double bookings and any possible mistakes with reservations.

Readily available data of the vehicle and the reservation details available in inventory management will come in handy when the customer walks in to pick up the car. 

Income and expenses 

Numbers are important! Knowing how much your business is making is important, as you can always change or adapt new plans to keep your business progressing positively.

The major expense for a dealership is managing the fleet and constantly keeping it in good condition.

If you notice any repeated expenses incurred on a specific car model, you can always opt to exclude it from the fleet.

Important decisions could be made if you know the income and expenses of your dealership. 

GPS Tracking 

Real-time GPS tracking will help you keep track of your loaner car’s exact location. It is always safe to know where your cars are since your fleet is your business’s bread and butter.

When customers are aware that the dealership knows the whereabouts of the vehicle, they will also have the responsibility and alertness to return the loaner car in due time safely.  

To know more about good fleet management systems for your loaner car rentals, get in touch with RENTALL. 


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