5 Best Rental Car Hacks

best rental car hacks

Renting a car is a tricky genre for travellers. In recent years, there has been a hike in car rental prices. During the pandemic, many car rental businesses sold half of their fleet in order to manage and survive the hit. But ever since travel restrictions were lifted, the car rental industry saw a shoot up in demand for cars and the taxes levied by the state and local government, led to an increase in rental rates.

If you are an avid traveller and often visit different states, the most fraction of your budgeting is allocated to car rental hire. So here are some tips and best rental car hacks for you to follow when renting out a car.

  1. Check the “Walk-Up” rates

This hack might work if luck is on your side. If car rental companies have enough fleet to be rented out, they’ll most probably be able to give the vehicle at a lower rate. So when you walk up to the counter always request for a “walk-up” rate and this hack will work giving you a real bonus!

  1. Check for deals

Always compare prices. There are plenty of sites that offer coupons and deals helping you save some bucks. Before approaching a car rental company, search for all the options you’ve got from online platforms like and Sign up for any programs offered and keep your eyes on any incentive alerts. Choose a program that’s apt to your holiday or travel plans and you are ready to hit the road!

  1. Fuel it yourself!

Do not choose to prepay for gas. It is usually a waste of money since car rental companies anyway charge you for a full tank even if you use only a quarter of it. So always preplan your journey before returning the car. Leave 30 minutes of time frame to pump fuel prior to handing over your rental car.

  1. Say NO to insurance

You are pretty much a confident driver if you are willing to rent a car, so that means you can totally skip the insurance. Insurance is a total scam where the sales executive is trying to bag his commission on each insurance he’s trying to sell. Your credit card will most likely cover your rental car so skip the insurance pitched at you from the car rental company.

  1. Avoid airport rentals

Renting a car from car rental companies at the airport is usually higher than the ones in the city since the car rental company desks pay extra charges to be located within the premises of the airport. Try to travel to your hotel or place of stay using public transport or cab services and then decide on renting out the perfect car that fits your budget and travel plans. If you are on a vacation, book directly from the car rental business and skip sites like Orbitz and Travelocity.

The base for the best rental car hacks is planning well and ahead. Doing quick research, comparison, do’s and don’ts according to each state will help you save money and unnecessary havoc when you are well informed. Book early to save some money and lock a good deal!



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