Can GPS Be Detected?



Global Positioning System aka GPS is a widely used worldwide radio-navigation system. Designed exclusively for the U.S. military, it is now used by the general public. The system uses 24 satellites that can pinpoint where exactly something is at any given time – for this a GPS tracker is used.

The GPS works by providing information on the object’s exact position, and can also track movement e.g. Cars, people, etc. Most cars come with an inbuilt GPS tracker mainly for security reasons and can come in handy in case of a car theft or other dire situations.

The GPS can come especially in handy for car rental businesses as it allows the company to monitor their cars once handed over to the client. Navotar has introduced a new cutting edge GPS tracker system with unique features such as real-time tracking and data analysis of driver behavior, and GEO fencing – restricts vehicles from entering restricted areas, mileage tracking, and an OBD device unplug alarm. The tech was unveiled at the 2019 International Car Rental Show.

A GPS tracker can easily be detected; there are many apps in the market today. They allow anyone to find out if their car or phone is been tracked by a third party. It is important to note that these apps can be quite expensive; therefore in the case of a car a thorough manual search could easily help you locate any hidden GPS tracker.

The main areas to search through would be the tires, undercarriage, and dashboard. You can even do an internal search of the car – check under seats, below the spare tire, etc. GPS detectors or electronic sweepers can also come in handy – they can detect any radio signals transmitted from the GPS device. If all else fails you can resort to hiring an expert to do the job.

Important tip:

The GPS device would usually be a little black box or cylindrical device; you will notice that the device does not easily come off when pulled if it has been built in by the car manufacturer. However, if it does remove easily it is most definitely a tracker placed there by someone else.

There are many apps out there that allow people to easily track a GPS device on cars and in phones. With the many benefits that come with GPS tracking it also has, its downsides making the world a smaller place and affecting the boundaries of privacy.

To get an idea about the benefits of GPS tracking read our blog article at the link below: Benefits of GPS Tracking for Commercial Fleets

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