Do Vehicles Rust in Florida?



Cars are susceptible to wear and tear much like everything else, this mostly depends on the area in which you live. Weather can greatly affect the status of your vehicle and the most common problem is corrosive damage due to rust, this is especially so if not maintained properly.

Many older car models, mainly vintage cars, are easily prone to rust. Rusting is mostly a concern in northern states where salt is used to de-ice roads, however, cars in many coastal areas like Florida tend to rust as well.

Rusting in Florida

So, do vehicles rust in Florida? Yes, vehicles are prone to rusting due to high salinity in the air as Florida is a coastal state. People who drive and live closer to the coastal line may experience this problem more. Rusting in coastal areas may not be as severe as it is in northern states which go through harsh winters.

However, drivers in Florida might find that their cars are more prone to damage by rusting than cars in other coastal areas – this could be because the weather is drier compared to Florida.

What you can do to prevent rust damage?

Some people may even say that their vehicles do not rust, this answer could probably be coming from car enthusiasts who make it imperative that their vehicles are taken care of. Routine maintenance is very important in making sure your car is in top shape. Routine washes and waxing can easily prevent rusting, however, these can be time-consuming and the average driver may drop these habits eventually.

Rusting may be a major issue for car rental owners as they have to manage a fleet of vehicles that are constantly on the move. A good maintenance plan would help greatly in making sure all your vehicles are in great condition. The best way to make sure your vehicles are routinely maintained without fail is to utilize fleet management software. Navotar’s Car Rental Software covers all your fleet management needs in an easy to use, efficient online system.

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Tip: A sure-fire way to fight rusting is routine maintenance, with special attention to the undercarriage of the vehicle which can easily begin to rust. Another important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a car is to make sure it comes with an anti-corrosion warranty.

In conclusion

The solution for rusting is not moving to a different state, but to take good care of your vehicle. Having a good maintenance schedule and sticking to it would help keep your car safe from rust even when living in a coastal state like Florida.


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