Benefits of GPS tracking for commercial fleets

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First used as a tracking system for the U.S. Department of Defense, the GPS was made publically accessible in the 1980s. Since then, it has been used by multiple industries and businesses to improve their services.
GPS tracking can be significantly beneficial for fleet management as it can not only provide location but also help in preventing car theft and much more. This article lists out the benefits of involving a GPS tracking system in your business.

1. Route optimization

GPS tracking provides you with real-time updates of your fleet vehicle’s location and performance. This allows you to make specific optimizations that will benefit your business.
You can get information such as fuel usage, engine idling, and many more.

2. Save time!

Prompt, responsive service is very important to a car rental business and GPS can help you with that. GPS tracking allows you to improve on response time by showing vehicles that are close by to the customer’s location, which means you can send them a car as soon as possible.

3. Reduced fuel costs!

Using a GPS can allow you to get the exact location of your customer and even let you know if the car stuck in traffic. Using a GPS tracking system will allow you to redirect your rented fleet vehicle to a better route; this, in turn, helps reduce the fuel cost as less fuel is wasted on waiting in traffic.
Quick response time means good service and this will help with your brand reputation and put you above your competitors as customers like a quick, quality service!

4. Helps with insurance costs

Most insurance companies require you to have an operational GPS tracking system integrated with your fleet. The GPS tracking system can detect and indicate to the supervising team if a car is heading off the route, which helps greatly in the case of car theft.
Having a GPS tracking system will also encourage the driver to drive carefully, that way ensuring your vehicle will not undergo any damages.

5. Emergency alerts

In the event of an accident or any other emergency, the GPS can send an alert via SMS or email, even if no one is actively monitoring the system. This allows you, as a business owner, to take quick action to resolve the issue.

6. Maintenance alerts

The versatility and efficiency of the GPS allows it to send alerts on routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations that can be time saving and cost-effective.

7. Reduces paperwork

GPS systems digitally record all information and analytics, saving you time on unnecessary paperwork. This allows you to handle dispatchers, drivers, fleet managers, etc. efficiently.

GPS tracking can greatly improve customer service and ensure your fleet vehicles are safe. With its multiple functions, GPS tracking is a versatile and efficient technology that will help your business grow and rise above the competition.

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