What to Expect with the Rental Car Shortage in the US

Rental Car Shortage

The summer is finally here! Vacation-goers are confidently yet cautiously stepping out into the open after the large-scale vaccination procedures across the US that started earlier this year. However, the post-COVID lifestyle has already changed drastically for everyone and this means, the way we went on vacations had also taken a much different turn. At the same time, the rental car shortage in the US market is making headlines and wreaking havoc not just in the rental industry but also in the auto industry.

The global undersupply of semiconductors had been aiding the rental car shortage since last year. But the problem never came to the limelight until travelers started on vacation spots within various states. This sudden demand for rental cars immediately caught up with the rental companies, resulting in numerous stranded and frustrated travelers raising complaints on per-day rental prices as high as $700 and hours-long waiting periods at the check-in counter.

Desperate times call for, what we describe as, ‘smart’ measures! Getting used to a new normal as with everything else in our lives seems to be the only option left nowadays. Luckily, there are quite a few industry tips that will help travelers to ease their rental car shortage problem.

There are still rental cars with decent prices

You just need to know where to look! Costco tops the list with catchy low rates and happy returning customers. Priceline meanwhile, is also another fair candidate that offers some of the most reasonable prices on the market. Meanwhile, Autoslash will help their clients to search across all car rental companies and apply any coupon or discount codes to find the lowest rate for a rental car.

Car rental off-peak season privileges

The spring and summer are certainly the best seasons to go outdoors and explore all your adventures. Even during these breathtaking seasons, several vacation spots are considered to be going through the ‘off-peak’. So, pick your favorite. This will help you to save up a lot on rental.


If your conventional car rental companies are failing to deliver to your expectations, there is the tempting option of renting a car from a host. Turo and Zipcar are definitely reasonable avenues in this regard and many travellers find it a pretty decent alternative to all their car troubles.

Book a hotel shuttle

This is indeed a convenient way to go about rental car shortages. You can discuss with the friendly hotel concierge to help you in booking an airport or tourist shuttle. And spend a good amount of time not worrying about the grim pandemic consequences.

Reserve the rental car earlier

The most tried and tested method these days is reserving your rental car way ahead. Almost at the same time as when booking other means of transport. This will definitely ensure a reasonable price tag and a reduced waiting period.


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