What is the Do Not Rent List and how do you avoid it?

Avoiding the do not rent list

Every car rental business’s investment into its fleet is pretty huge. There is a big risk involved when it gives its automobile on rent for a short or long period of time. Even though there’s insurance that will cover up damage, it is only to a certain extent. So, every car rental business maintains a “Do Not Rent List” that will blacklist customers who deem to be a risk. If your name is listed in the Do Not Rent List, you will be denied by all car rental companies from renting a vehicle. Avoiding the do not rent list is best for you, if you frequently rent vehicles.

There are major car rental companies that own a chain of national car rental companies. If your name is listed under a do not rent list in one company, you will also be blacklisted from all of the subsidiaries. Every driver could be safe from a do not rent list but the reason for your name to appear on the list is only if you do not follow the rules on the lease, or if you engage in illegal activities or cause unpaid damage to the rental car.

Here’s how you can stay clear from a Do Not Rent list!

  • Pay on time

Make sure to pay the car rental company as agreed on the particular due date. If you fail to pay so, you will be blacklisted. Do not ignore fines or citations too. If you receive a ticket or citation while driving the rental car, do not fail to clear the ticket at the relevant court or pay the fines. If you fail to do so, your name will be up on the Do Not Rent List.


  • Pay all your tolls

The toll centres capture your license plate and discover the car is owned by a car rental company.  If you don’t pay, after weeks or months, the car rental company is notified and held liable. They might pay it off on behalf of you but never rent you a car again.


  • Drive Responsibly

Let only the authorized driver take the wheels according to the agreement with the car rental company. If you are the authorized driver, do not go beyond that and lend the car to another driver. If they cause any damage to the car or get into an accident, your name will be up on the Do Not Rent List.


  • Follow all the rules

Do not ignore all that is communicated with you by the car rental business. Make sure you adhere to all the rules and return a vehicle that was given to you in a good condition back the same way. If your contract includes a certain number of miles, do not go beyond your limit. The car rental company will not blackball you if you follow the rules.


  • Do not dispute charges

This is the most common reason why customers get blacklisted. If you dispute charges thinking that no one will know, but the car rental people will become aware of it. And what if it’s really your fault? They wouldn’t want to rent you the car ever again. Do not dispute charges that are clearly mentioned on your contract.


Follow all the above points and avoid being listed on the Do Not Rent list. If you want to know if your name is on the list, you can call up the company to ask about it. Keep your driver’s license in hand when you do so. The representatives will look up your license and confirm whether or not your name’s on the list.


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