Payment gateways supported by Navotar

payment gateways supported at Navotar

Ready to expand your car rental business online? Looking for a car rental management software tool that supports the best payment gateways?

Here’s Navotar now offering built-in payment processing with top-notch payment gateways in the market!

The digitalization of businesses with the adoption of technologies has made online payments easier and more convenient to both merchants and customers. The payment gateway has become the most reliable technology that most online platforms depend greatly on. It is a technology that helps merchants to accept debit or credit card payments from their customers.

To talk numbers, according to research done by Grand View Research, it is said that the global payment gateway market size was valued at USD 18.21 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Considering the transaction of funds occurring online, privacy and data security standards have been established to protect payment service providers, merchants, and customers. The payment gateway acts as a middleman between the customer and the merchant, ensuring the transactions are carried out smoothly and promptly, helping you receive your payments from your customers located anywhere around the world.

Using a payment gateway is much faster than manually processing payments. There are plenty of online payment gateways that support a wide range of payment methods. Navotar is a cloud-based car rental software that supports both online and in-person vehicle rentals. We at Navotar believe in safeguarding sensitive data of our client’s customers and as a result, our software supports the best payment gateways in the market. They are among the major key players operating the payment gateway market.

Below is the list of payment gateways supported by Navotar:

  1. Pay Pal
  2. Cyber Source
  3. Authorize Net
  4. Fidelity
  5. Bean stream
  6. Card Connect
  7. Dibs
  8. Nuvei
  9. QuickPay
  10. Square Up
  11. WebXPay
  12. Stripe
  13. Gocardless
  14. Barclaycard

All the above-mentioned payment gateways that Navotar supports are payment gateways that your customers including you would know and trust. For example, PayPal; you cannot talk about an online payment system without mentioning Pay Pal. They have set the standards for online payment gateways Since 1999. The features they offer include no-fee buyer processing, currency conversion, encrypted transactions, and no monthly minimum for merchants.

Another well-known payment gateway is Stripe. Stripe is easy-to-use and offers great features like acceptance of all types of credit cards, automated payments for recurring billing and syncs all your sales data. The best thing about stripe is that it offers 100+ currency conversions with a 2% market exchange rate. Stripe also lets businesses partner with them to run a test trial without even registering for their services.

Payment gateways supported by Navotar helps eliminate payment complexities and minimize operational cost. Hence, we have closely looked into choosing the best payment gateways to prevent delays due to any sort of data breach or fraud.

Improving customer experience with safer transactions and simpler checkouts will boost more sales too. Especially if you are trying to expand your car rental business online, a safe and secure payment gateway will be an added advantage. These payment gateway partners will be one of the crucial parts of your business in terms of payments.


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