US driver’s license for foreigners

Foreign travellers who are planning on travelling and driving around in the United States must ensure that they familiarize themselves about all the laws of driving and also the laws of local and state. You need to ensure that you get the correct information from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) which will advise and recommend safe practices and knowledge about the driving laws. Many of the driver’s licenses are being recognized by the U.S States and also many car rental companies in North America uses Navotar Car Rental Software, which has inbuilt functionalities to read and validate the driving license. However, you need to ensure that you hold an international license and its validity should be one year ahead from the actual day that you arrive in the U.S. It is strongly recommended that you obtain your international license before you leave your origin destination as you will not be able to get hold of one when you enter the U.S. You need to contact the DMV of the respective state which will advise you the validity as the regulations differ from one state to another. In addition, make sure to have your passport when you are driving with your international license, but that does not mean you leave your country’s driving permit at home.


Short term visitors

If you plan on getting your international driver’s permit to drive in the U.S, you need to make sure that you remember a few tips. The first tip is that you will need to arrange your international driver’s permit from the country that you obtained the local driver’s permit since the U.S authorities will not be issuing any international driver’s permits to any foreign traveller. In the event that you need to hire a vehicle, you will need to produce both your country’s permit and the international driver’s permit. You also need to make sure that you know the rental policies and also the requirements for short term visitors when hiring a vehicle at the respective rental company. Remember that there are many scams with regards to the international driver’s permit and one must be very careful when going through this process. Always consult the department of motor vehicles in your respective country to obtain it.


Non-U.S. Citizen

For those individuals who are residents but are not U.S citizens, the requirement for obtaining a driver’s permit in each state will differ. If you are one of the eligible individuals for a driver’s license, then this must be obtained from the state that you live in. You need to refer the requirements, regulations and how you should apply from the respective state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.




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