Top 10 Car Rental companies in New York


There are many sights and things to do in New York. New York is known as the city that never sleeps and also the city of dreams. When you are on holiday, you will need to figure out how you can move about. The first thing that will light up your brain is that you can just grab a taxi. But if you do not want to get a taxi, you may consider the option of hiring a car. It doesn’t matter if you won’t be using the car daily or for long drives, but having the information beforehand can be very helpful. If it is your dream to visit the city as tourist and you prefer to hire a car rather than catching a big yellow taxi, you will need to do a little bit of research about the top car companies that are available. It is much cheaper to hire a car rather than using the yellow taxis which is applicable for both business and leisure travellers. Here is a guide of the top ten car rental companies in New York that you can easily hire.


  1. Always Ready Auto Rentals

Always Ready Auto Rentals (ARAR), is an independent car rental company located in Westchester County. The company mainly focuses on being humble and honest with their clients. This car rental company offers a variety of vehicles at a competitive rate and the fleet consists of compact, SUVs, passenger minivans and pickup trucks. The ARAR representative will be able to provide you with a full- rental service based on your needs and you will be able to get yourself a good deal for an economy car starting from $20 per day.


  1. Last minute rental cars

Last minute rental cars promote the idea of finding a suitable vehicle that fits your lifestyle based on hourly, daily, weekly or month payment programs. If you live in Rochester, you will be able to find a quality vehicle and pay the local rental fee. The fleet of this rental car company includes SUVs, minivans and economy cars. You will be able to get an economy vehicle for starting approximately from $25 per day.


  1. AAMCAR Discount car rental

AAMCAR discount car rental has been catering to the residence of Manhattan and the Upper Westside. Its office is based on Washington Heights. This company will not have any hidden charges and what you will be quoted for is what you pay for. You will be able to choose from the features of minivan, SUVs, sedan and passenger vans. It is known to be one of the cheapest car rental spots in New York. They mainly focus on maintaining their existing clients very well. If you go to the company and speak to them directly you might be able to get yourself a compact-class vehicle for just $399 for 3 days.


  1. Empire Rent A Car

Empire Rent A Car is based in Astoria, New York and has been operating for almost fifty years with many locations in New York. This company is a family owned business that is having a variety of vans, cars, SUVs, sprinters, trailers and trucks. The starting price for a compact class would costs just $65 per day. There are many other benefits for customers such as “Google review discount” and even a 5% discount during the month of your birthday.


  1. Speedy Rent A Car

This company is based in Brooklyn, New York. Speedy Rent A Car mainly focuses on providing competitive rates for vehicle fleets such as vans, trucks, a wide range of cars and minivans in Brooklyn. This rental company deals with most of the hiring’s in the local area of Brooklyn and is open on Sundays as well. Speedy Rent A Car stresses on providing vehicles that are of quality. You will be able to make your bookings 24/7 and the payment methods are as daily, weekly or monthly. This car rental company focuses on providing quality service for car and trucks mainly.


  1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American organisation that focuses on car rental with its main base in Missouri. This rental company is more than just a traditional vehicle hire organisation; it is a provider of solutions for global travel which offers an economy car for just $25. You will be able to hire from a range of vehicles such as SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, economy cars and luxury cars. The programs that are offered are customised based on the requirement whether you want the vehicle for leisure or business rental purposes. You will not have to worry about the customer service provided as it has been reviewed and rated as one of the best professional services provided globally in this industry and there are thirty-eight branches of Enterprise Rent-A-Car in New York. The strength of this company is their brand name and the overall service provided which has proven to be exceptional which might be a good reason to consider them over the other rental companies.


  1. Budget

Budget was established in 1958 with six branches in New York targeting customers who focus on the value and price. Its reputation precedes them for being excellent and staying focused on values across the globe. Budget’s portfolio focuses on SUVs, vans, economy cars, pickup trucks and luxury cars. There are different types of rental programs such as long term, one way and moving truck with free upgrade deals along the way. If you really need to get a Jeep Wrangler, this can be arranged with Budget too. You can get yourself an economy car for just $54 per day.


  1. National Car Rental

National Car Rental, which is based in Missouri, is owned by the Enterprise holdings, which also owns a few other car rental companies. With nine branches in New York, it operates eighteen options for cars, two options for trucks, twelve options of SUVs and seven options for vans. National Car Rental also provides services for business requirements as well. One of the specialties of National Car Rental is that it offers special services for those individuals with physical challenges. If you need to sort out your airport transfer during the last minute at the airport, you can do it for a cheaper price. The starting price of the economy cars available at National Car is just $110 per day.


  1. Dollar Rent A Car

Formally known as Dollar A Day Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car is another global car rental company based in Florida. With ten branches located in New York the portfolio of this organisation consists of pickup trucks, vans, family vehicles SUVs and minivans. In addition, another strength is that this company is able provide vehicles that are fit for moving and bigger projects. For those individuals who would love to enjoy the sunshine on a sunny day, you can even hire a convertible. There is a special rental program by the name of Dollar’s Express Rental Program that will offer a faster service in terms of reservations and less waiting time. You can get yourself an economy car for just $44 per day.


  1. Alamo

Alamo Rent A Car, based in Missouri has been running for almost forty-four years. This company provides cars for rent for international travellers specifically as it is able to recognize the importance of brand serving and being value orientated. Many of the travellers who use this service are leisure travellers and are able to experience low rates and a hassle-free customer experience at its seven branches.  There are self-service kiosks that allow travellers to sort out their travel arrangements quickly in a matter of minutes before hitting the road. There’s a special “Prepay & Save” option, which will provide additional discounts when making the reservation online. Alamo specializes in premium, compact, convertible, luxury, and hybrid, sporty, SUVs, jeeps, pickup trucks and vans. You can get yourself an economy car for just $66 per day.


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