The Top 10 Navigation Apps

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The Top 10 Navigation Apps

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Smartphones have allowed you to hold the world in the palm of your hand, and navigational apps are allowing people to easily travel around the globe without the hassle of going through a physical map!

Navigation apps allow you to easily get to your location without having to rely on the confusing directions of people you meet along the way. Google Maps may be the most famous navigation app used amongst the masses; however, there are many more navigation apps out there.

This list has compiled 10 navigation apps which will help you travel safely with ease (the apps are not listed in any order as each app has something different to offer). So, keep reading!

1. HERE WeGo Maps

This free navigation app is one of the few competitors for Google Maps, if you want to try something a bit different from Google Maps HERE WeGo is a great option.

It has a minimal yet effective interface that is user-friendly and offers worldwide mapping options. They also allow users to download maps offline allowing you to easily navigate through regions with no data services.
The app also provides traffic information (whenever available), along with public transit maps. HERE WeGo also allows you to save places, which means you can get quick directions when traveling that way later.
They also provide a map creator app if you want to contribute any new locations for other app users.

The Top 10 Navigation Apps

2. Sygic GPS Navigation and Maps

This app offers a high level of detail on their maps, and everything is displayed in 3D. Sygic uses TomTom maps, therefore, you can be assured that the maps are accurate (TomTom has been around for a while and is widely known to be a reliable mapping system).
Sygic is known for its accurate guidance and traffic information, the app also offers free map updates within the year, the app also allows offline map downloads. The app also includes places of interest within the local area and also includes certain safety features such as speed limit warnings, lane assist as well as a heads-up display.
The Top 10 Navigation Apps

3. MapFactor

MapFactor includes basic navigational and GPS features and has an unlikely popularity amongst users. The app uses OpenStreetMap which allows access to free offline maps which get updated monthly. If you want access to the app’s other features you will have to make in-app purchases.
The app features voice direction, cross-border routing, 2D and 3D modes, as well as day and night themes. Along with a lot more options and features for your ease. MapFactor supports dozens of countries around the world, so you can easily travel with the help of its GPS maps.

4. MapQuest

This app combines 3 services into one – it allows GPS navigation, can locate the cheapest gas station in the region, and it allows you to call in a tow-truck if your vehicle breaks down!
MapQuest uses the turn-by-turn navigational method and also features live traffic updates along with re-routing options depending on traffic in the area. It may not be as effective as Google Maps, but with these added features it’s a good app to have handy, and besides, it’s free!
The Top 10 Navigation Apps

5. Polaris GPS Navigation

Another all-in-one app that has access to Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest Maps, and Cycle Route Maps. This allows you to pick the right map system to suit your purpose – making this app quite versatile.
Polaris offers some cool features like multiple coordinate formats, trail recording, unique waypoint management system, and the old-school but effective turn-by-turn navigation system. It has also provided a few features specific to outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, and hunting.

6. Scout GPS Navigation

Previously called Telenav, Scout GPS is a little old-school but no less functional than Google Maps or any other app on this list.
It is a reliable and stable navigation app that includes all of the basic features such as turn-by-turn navigation. However, this app stands out as it is more people-oriented as it utilizes location-based, social media – the app can send an alert to your friends or loved ones of your estimated time of arrival. It also provides free traffic and safety camera alerts.These great features set Scout GPS apart from it’s a competitor.

7. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic

TomTom is a well-known GPS mapping system, it has been designed to pick the best available route based on real-time traffic information allowing you to reach your destination quicker.
The app includes many more features such as allowing you to download many offline maps onto your phone, it also gives speed camera updates, as well as advanced lane guidance. The app gives you 50 free miles every month, however, if you are looking to use this app long term you will have to make one or three-year subscription.
The Top 10 Navigation Apps


Another free navigation service that has garnered some popularity within recent years, MAPS.ME is an easy to use app which includes online and offline features.

Other than navigation, the map also includes places of interest like shopping spots and where to eat around the city/region. It also allows you to bookmark locations, making it easy for you to find the place again in the future. It also offers offline maps for places around the world, you can also gain access to reviews of destinations by other users, and even leave your review if you are interested in contributing and helping other users.
The Top 10 Navigation Apps

9. Waze

Yes, it is a part of Google Maps, however, as a stand-alone app, it can help travelers greatly. While Google Maps is more data-based, Waze is more user-based as it allows users to contribute their travel tips such as short-cuts, road hazards, speed cameras, etc.
The app also includes a speed detection feature, which will detect when you are traveling way below the speed limit and use it for the app’s real-time traffic info. The app can easily be integrated into your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare. It also has a point-based system for your information contributions on landmarks, and new roads. Waze also includes voice options for navigation if you want to add a bit more fun to your journey!
The Top 10 Navigation Apps

10. Google Maps

The most famous and widely used navigation app, it is a definite must-have on any smartphone. It is functional and user-friendly, with color-coded direction, offline map navigation, and voice-directed navigation – Google Maps is the standard go-to navigation app.
It is powered by Waze – which is another Google owned app. The app allows you to browse through your map for reviews on places, it also allows you to pick a map according to your mode of transport, and the greatest feature they have is that you can view the map in any language – making it very accessible and user-friendly.
The Top 10 Navigation Apps

GPS apps have changed the way we travel by making it extremely easy to do so and encouraging people to travel independently and safely. Nowadays people don’t just use one navigation app, as there are many useful apps out there that offer a variety of features that can be very helpful when traveling.
Hopefully, this list has helped you get an idea of how useful these apps are and which ones suit you the best. So which apps would you download on to your phone?


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