The Cheapest Car Rental Options in LA

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Cheapest Car Rentals in LA

LA is a city of attractions and activity, from Hollywood to Disneyland there’s a lot to do for the leisure tourist or business tourist. Getting around the expansive area of LA requires a vehicle, and renting a car will be your best bet while visiting the City of Angels.

Rentals can be found for a variety of price points, but if you are working around a strict budget cheaper deals can be easy to find. A quick search on Google can give you many options but here are some sites you should look into.


Car Rentals

Find a range of car rental companies from Economy to Hertz and varying prices for compact cars, full-size cars, and more. You can find economy and compact class vehicles for as little as $3 per day and mini-vans for $5 per day. Full-size cars can cost up to $5 per day, with premium and luxury cars exceeding $30 per day.

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This is another budget car rental site, choose from a wide array of vehicles and price points. They offer Economy and Hertz at discounted prices, also find many deals that may allow you to reserve a premium class car for a good price!

You can find a compact or midsize SUV from Economy for $9-$20 per day. Hertz prices can easily exceed $20 per day. Prices depend on the car rental company, for example; Hertz cars are priced higher than Economy.

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Here you can easily find economy, compact and, midsize class cars for $4 per day. A full-size car can cost $7 per day upwards, with luxury cars easily exceeding $30. Economy and Hertz are shown as top car rental companies on almost all the sites included here. Apart from Economy and Hertz, you can find Avis and Enterprise cars for rent, however, they are on the higher end of the price spectrum.

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Note that the prices shown here may not include charges for collisions/damage and other add-ons. Please check the steps on each site carefully before checkout as prices may vary.


These sites offer great deals on some rental vehicle classes, most of the prices depend on the car rental company. The more well-known rental company car prices were on the expensive side of things while car rentals like Economy provided a more affordable price point.

More popular sites like Kayak and Expedia gave higher prices even for budget car rental companies; however, it is worth checking these sites for good deals.

LA is a city that needs to be experienced with a rental car as it will allow you to get to attractions and enjoy them at your own time without having to rely on public transport and ride-sharing apps.

Car rental companies are implementing strict decontamination and cleaning procedures to ensure their clients receive a safe vehicle. Some car rentals are even offering no-contact services for pick-up and drop-off of a rental vehicle by relying on car rental software and apps. Hopefully, with many administering the COVID-19 vaccine the travel experience will revert back to normal.


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