Is Renting A Car Still Going To Be Hard This Summer?

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According to Destination Analysts, 93% of American travelers mentioned that they intend to go on at least one leisure trip before 2022 ends. Additional data from the survey goes on to show that travelers already feel safe enough about the pandemic and optimistic about planning exciting trips. This means the demand for rental vehicles is expected to be significantly high throughout this summer as Americans intend to plan for excursions & road trips.

Expect challenges this summer

So is renting a car going to be hard this summer? Naturally, yes! Car rental agencies say they have begun to restock their inventory after auctioning off their fleets earlier during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite that, the supply of rental cars continues to be limited. Bigger vehicles will be even rarer this year, according to experts, and people who need minivans and standard-size SUVs probably will have a difficult time finding reasonable choices.

Moreover, car rental businesses say that they anticipate deficiencies to continue during the next few months because of supply-chain problems and global chip shortages. So for travelers planning to use a rental vehicle for a summer vacation or road trip, it is important to start looking for it early and expect high prices at popular destinations.

Mentioned below are some tips shared by rental car companies that travelers can follow to steer clear of the rental vehicle crunch this summer –

Plan In Advance:

This year, car rental businesses are advising travelers to start their findings early for obtaining a good rental. Some people have made their bookings as early as a month before their trip. Planning in advance this summer is of paramount importance.

Keep Track Of The Prices:

Rental vehicle costs can change over the long run and sometimes, even during the course of a day. Therefore, to get the best rental car deal possible, compare rates online and keep an eye out for price drops.

Call Rental Businesses Directly:

Travelers are suggested to get in touch with car rental businesses directly in the event that it seems they have no stock left or browse listings via a car-share service.

Look For Rental Car Discounts:

Certain travel credit cards provide rental vehicle rebates, like AARP, USAA, AAA, and Costco. Ensure that you take advantage of them to keep your rental car expenses low.

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