Join us in Las Vegas for the 2022 International Car Rental Show


We invite you to join us at the International Car Rental Show on April 24th-26th at the Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas – you’ll find us in booth 401.

This year’s ICRS is a great opportunity to find out more about how you can optimize customer experience through scaling contactless and keyless solutions.

Naomi Virgo, our Director of Global Sales, will be giving a keynote speech on April 26th about these exciting new industry developments.

Joining Naomi will be Liberkee’s Director of Business Development, Scott Manchuso. Liberkee provide smart digitization solutions for the automotive and mobility sectors (among others), allowing for keyless access to vehicles thanks to cryptographic key management. Customers only need a smartphone to enter the vehicles, ensuring the vehicle rental industry keeps up with the trend of consumers having centralized access to services.

Together, Naomi and Scott will be discussing more about keyless access, integrations into car rental systems, mobile check-ins and outs, contactless booking processes, and other developments that leading vehicle rental firms are taking advantage of today.

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted business processes across the board, with restrictions forcing businesses to reduce the amount of contact between customers and staff. This made contactless processes more commonplace than ever across many industries, including vehicle rental, setting it as the new standard.

Pandemic aside, the last thing any customer wants after a long and tiring day of travel is to queue up at the airport and wait for the keys for their rental car. Keyless and contactless booking allows them to bypass this inconvenience and press on with their journey immediately.

Even without keyless access, you can remove an entire step from the process by giving customers access to physical keys via a locker. It saves time and therefore, enhances customer experience. The same benefits apply in car sharing scenarios where no contact is required in order to collect and return keys.

In addition, some keyless solutions on the market have an auto-locking feature for an added layer of security, preventing drivers from unintentionally leaving the car unlocked, enhancing the security of your fleet.

You do not need to go fully contactless immediately as you scale these developments across your operations. It can be a gradual transition through incremental changes, as you work your way up to offering the full contactless experience, complete with virtual keys and mobile check-ins and outs.

Learn more about contactless car rental at the show!

Making this transition is what Naomi and Scott will be talking about on 26th, and presenting new technologies and processes for doing so, as well as discussing how you can integrate this functionality into your existing fleet management system.

Speed and convenience is the priority for customers in the busy world we live in today. For more insights into how you can take advantage of these new developments and your streamline fleet management processes, register for the ICRS and we’ll see you in Vegas!


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