The Future of Keyless Car Rental

The Future of Keyless Car Rental | Car rental software

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to “contactless” for many businesses. Keyless car rental is a move many automobile rental firms are looking towards, and for good reason.

For starters, it vastly improves fleet management and overall security, allowing businesses to cut costs while increasing consumer engagement. 

Furthermore, the rise in popularity of car-sharing services has made modern customers acutely aware of the inconvenient experience of waiting in line for service at a car rental counter and then picking selections from a checklist.

With rising intolerance for slow customer service and an acute shortage of staff, businesses cannot afford to take such risks.

It is time to embrace pandemic-accelerated digitalization and investigate how your business can adapt.  

Benefits of contactless and keyless car rental experiences   


To provide your customers with an amazing and efficient automobile rental experience, companies should proactively take steps to transform the consumer experience.  

Ensure Safety for your Customers

It takes one bad experience to ruin your brand image. With each variant, COVID-19 is becoming more transmissible. Of course, you can reassure customers of your rigorous post-rental cleaning processes, but by also offering the option of contactless collection, you can also satisfy those clients who prefer to keep contacts minimal. 

Efficient Workflow

With customers able to collect their cars via self-service options, you can free up staff time for other activities, including providing better customer experiences for those who do still want human contact.   

Wait Time 

No matter how you offer car collection (Via keyless entry or key collection booths) there’s no denying that the reduction of rental wait times is a huge benefit to your customers. Once the car is picked up you are automatically updated on your devices. Whether at a customer’s home or at a designated place, it also makes drop-offs flexible. 

Paperless tracking

The benefit of using cloud technology is no paperwork. Everything is directly updated on rental software, at each stage of the customer’s journey. With all transaction data available on any device, any employee will be able to see the status of a hire.

How to implement self-service collections 

Don’t assume that offering such services means costly app development for you.

In fact, most customers don’t want to have to download a plethora of different branded apps. Instead, investigate different options for sharing pick up information. For example, emails or codes that can be linked to Apple Wallet or other similar services. As a result, technology can be provided without the cost of maintaining an app.  

Open doors in a contactless fashion with solutions such as Liberkee’s system which includes cryptographic key management, software applications, programming interfaces, and retrofit hardware.

Technology is changing our landscape rapidly – make sure the software your company uses is also ready to adapt and change alongside you.

Go Keyless now

Take your first step towards this change with  RENTALL’s rental software. Designed to suit all sectors of transport hire, RENTALL has different modules to support growing your business into new areas.

No matter what your company size, location, or business goals, RENTALL supports contactless and keyless car rental, improved operations, smart reports, increased bookings and, most of all, satisfied customers, all through an easy-to-use interface. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to scale contactless or keyless solutions in your operation you can join us at the International Car Rental Show in Las Vegas on 26 April where our Director of Global Sales, Naomi Virgo will be giving the Keynote speech. 


At RENTALL we’re on a mission to be the SaaS solution of choice for rental operators looking for growth and stability in a disruptive sector.

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