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Mobile App

We have succeeded yet again in delivering to our customer’s requirements and needs by launching our latest mobile application! We are excited to announce that this mobile app makes it even easier for you to manage your fleet. This edition of technology from Navotar was introduced after much demand from our loyal customers. We have included in it the many high-standard and much-awaited features for the management of your business.


Access anywhere, any time!

The Navotar Mobile Application makes it possible for you to manage your fleet from anywhere in the world. Business owners and business managers will be able to access databases very easily through it. Sending and receiving updates will be the job of only an instant. You could manage your vehicle reservations and contracts on the go. The check-in and check-out processes also take no more time than several minutes. This will save you a lot of much-needed time!


Create profiles instantly

Manual entering of data is a strenuous task. A quick scan of your client’s driver’s license is the only necessity for creating a client profile with our app. This extremely simplified technical process will be an easy way to avoid possible errors in manual procedures. You could ensure customer satisfaction by this expedited process and, thus, cater to their needs better. You could also instantly capture and record your customer’s digital signature and add it to relevant spaces in no time.


Documentation of damages 

Your vehicle might incur damages while in use. There is also a solution to make the recording of those damages easier. We have made it possible for you to easily record before-and-after pictures of potential damages to rented vehicles. It is also possible with just a click to record videos with a 360-degree view. As an extension of this safety measure, all these pictures and records will immediately be stored on the cloud.


The brand-new Navotar Mobile Application comes to you with many features that will make the management of your fleet an easy task. It is as user-friendly as possible and will save you so much time with its easily manageable features. The global community of car rental businesses will greatly profit from this mobile application from the moment it is downloaded. It is available both on Android and iOS stores. It can be used on almost any device of your choice.


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