Is it better to travel with an RV, or fly, or rent a car this summer?

Summer travel

Summer travel seemed like a distant-future-deal a few months ago. But it is now becoming increasingly safe to travel to our favorite destinations without much fear owing to the mass vaccination process across the globe. So, with all the new safety procedures, what is the vacation spot you have in mind? Is it far from your home town? Or relatively a short distance? Are you traveling alone? Or with friends and family? Based on all of the above, we have found a few different modes of transportation for you to get there.

Fan of family RVs for summer travel?

If you are planning to go on a cross-country road trip with the whole family, an RV sounds like your best choice. It affords you privacy and the ability to park whenever you feel the need to rest. And if you are a driving enthusiast, RVs will take you as far as you want. This tried and tested mode of transport would also be a great way for you to help adhere to social distancing guidelines. It is simply the new normal to ensure the safety of your loved ones above all else.

Renting a car can never go wrong!

A rented car meanwhile, is the best option if you have a smaller family or group of friends with a small amount of luggage. This is best suited for trips for your ‘not-too-far destinations. The small space is convenient for a group of friends or a small family who are comfortable with each other. Here, however, it is very important to hire a car based on the number of seats. Always go for a car with a couple of extra seats. For a group of five, for example, a seven-seater car would be the ideal traveling partner.

Ultimate air travel mode

If you are traveling alone or with a group in which none are comfortable behind the wheels, flying is the best option for you. Flying will give you the time to sit in comfort until you reach your destination. What’s more, if you are a lone traveler, your perfect reflection time is always guaranteed here. If you feel that you need some rest before you arrive at a lively family gathering or a summer party with some friends, and if the distance is more than you are willing to drive for, flying is certainly the best way to go.


So, there you have our opinion on whether to use an RV, a rented car, or to fly this Summer to your favorite destination. The choice is all yours! Our job here at Navotar is to provide the best travel solutions for you so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite occasions.


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