Navotar Introduce GPS


With tremendous effort and focus on bringing cutting edge technology to the car rental industry, Navotar is now introducing its brand-new GPS tracking feature.

Navotar, the car rental software provider, introduced its GPS tracker at the 2019 International Car Rental Show with lots of unique and incomparable features.

The GPS tracker comes as a plug and play device where no technical knowledge is required at all. All you need to do is plug in the ODB device and the tracking will commence. The GPS tracker will allow you to track your vehicles in real time and use the data to understand driver behavior. This will allow you to ensure the safety of the drivers and that they are compliant with vehicle regulations.

Navotar also includes features like GEO fencing which allows car rental owners to restrict vehicles from going to or entering specific areas. If a vehicle enters a restricted area, then car rental owners will be given notice via notification.

The GPS mileage tracking option makes tracking mileage easy as it tacks on mileage driven. The ODB device also comes with an unplug alarm which notifies fleet owners when the device is unplugged from the vehicle.

All of these features help companies improve revenue and the safety of our customers’ fleets. Companies improve revenue by ensuring that customers abide by the rules, which helps avoid unnecessary expenses linked to non-compliance. Companies will be able to better track things like daily kilometers and driver behavior patterns.

It is common that as technology improves, its complexity also increases. Navotar instead decided to focus on ease and accessibility. Following this cool concept has allowed Navotar to introduce the GPS feature with cutting edge technology while also providing an excellent user experience to customers.

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