Is there a mileage limit on rental cars?

rental car mileage

A rental car mileage limit signifies the number of miles that you are allowed to drive during the rental period. Some rental vehicle companies have limits imposed on the distance driven, while others have not. Certain car rental businesses have both options for their customers to choose from. There are also additional conditions on which rental car mileage limits apply. We shall be breaking all these down in this article.


What are mileage limits and unlimited mileage?

A rental car mileage limit means that you have a fixed number of miles in the deal. For every extra mile that you drive you will be required to pay an extra amount. It is usually a fixed amount per mile. If the company does not offer a limit, you are allowed to drive as far as you need. This can be done for the original price that you pay for the vehicle. However, conditions might apply.


In Europe, for example, some companies have both options while others have one of the two above options. In Canada and the U.S., on the other hand, most companies rent vehicles with unlimited mileage most of the time.


When do you choose which option?

Usually, cars with a rental car mileage limit can be rented for cheaper than otherwise. However, you must be careful when you choose. When you rent vehicles with mileage restrictions you must be sure of the distance that will be traveled. If you unknowingly travel more than allowed you will be troubled with paying a large price. It is always smart to calculate your distances when renting a car with a rental car mileage limit.


On the other hand, consider an instance when you do not know how far you will be driving. At these times, it is better to rent without a rental car mileage limit. This will allow you to concentrate less on the odometer. This will be ideal for a cross country road trip when you will be driving at heart’s content.


Hidden conditions

Whichever you choose, be careful to read the fine print both before and after you book. As a precaution ask the staff too about the rental car mileage limit before you start the trip. Double check the rental agreement for the mileage allowance.


Sometimes there are hidden conditions in the agreement that makes unlimited mileage not so unlimited. For example, if you travel an excessive distance within a given period, you might be banned from renting again. That is, you might end up in the company’s “Do Not Rent List”. This list might even be irrevocable in some instances. Always read the agreement extra carefully before you confirm your pickup.


There are also instances where certain vehicles are not given unlimited mileage by default. Specialty vehicles and exotic vehicles have rental car mileage limits almost all the time. The same might apply for large passenger vans and cargo vans. There can also be conditions when the unlimited mileage applies only within given geographical borders.


As you see, there are always many things to consider. The distance you will travel is important to start with. The area you will be traversing will also be decisive when certain conditions are considered. Always read the fine print.


This will eventually ensure a happy ride for your customer and a successful business journey for you. Leave us your thoughts on twitter @Navotar


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