Increase Vehicle Utilization


Increase Vehicle Utilization

Vehicle utilization is an extremely important area for companies looking to increase efficiencies and cut the costs of their operation. The truth is, all activity sectors of a fleet needs to be investigated and assessing fleet vehicle usage is something that can help a fleet run more efficiently and at optimum cost.

  1. Measuring vehicle usage with a system,

Testing vehicle activity every minute and their actual usage is vital. Technology today provides a useful aid in doing this and may be used in step with specific needs. It permits users to test for time spent at locations, in order to evaluate if some can be used differently or whether there is time available for different scheduling. If you can grasp all this, you’ll appreciate just how much can be done. There’s an interesting feature called daily planner, which is like a calendar where bookings and contracts associated with each vehicle can be monitored and manipulated and this feature is available only on Navotar – The advanced car rental software.


  1. Monitor the maintenance of vehicles,

Vehicle usage isn’t only about utilizing the vehicle to its maximum, but it’s also about keeping them running all the time and minimizing any possibilities of breakdowns. Regular maintenance is vital and systemizing this approach with a software like Navotar would be applicable if your fleet consists of 5+ vehicles.


  1. Vehicle utilization report,

It is very important to have reports which outline the state of the vehicle and the revenue generated from it and if it strongly presents data, that would be more interesting. This is a definite feature that can be generated from Navotar, the reporting in Navotar has also a filter option where the information can be pulled according to the user’s conditions.

In conclusion, vehicle utilization is an important factor to be considered in terms of maintaining the fleet at an optimum cost and in road which would ultimately contribute to increased profit.

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