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Switching from pen-and-paper logging and management to fleet management software will greatly improve your business, but a big change like this can be quite daunting to any business owner. As much as there is a wide range of software to choose from their services may differ. This is why you must first look into your business and see what your needs are before making any decisions. Therefore a little background research and knowledge will have you well on your way to investing in the best fleet management software for your business.

What are the services your business needs?

There are many fleet management software available and they offer a variety of services –from GPS tracking to online reservation management. Before thinking about how much a software package may cost, you need to learn what services are needed by your business and what services are available on the market.

Most fleet management software offer GPS tracking along with vehicle status, fuel consumption, driver behavior, etc. whilst some others focus on automatic SMS alerts, online reservation plugin, and maintenance log. There is some software which covers all of that, which would probably be a better option but pricier. Knowing what your business needs can help you narrow down on what software suit your needs best, this will make it easier to decide on the price you are willing to spend. Also, compare different price points of different software packages to get a better idea of what fits your preferences best.

Fleet management software packages and pricing

It is important to note that most software companies may charge you per unit and per month basis. So, depending on the number of vehicles on your fleet the price will differ, the more cars in your fleet the handling cost will increase. However, there is a range of packages and payment structures you can opt for.

Some software providers may require you to sign a contract. Some contracts could be for a multiyear package, therefore, you must think carefully about what kind of package would suit you best. Note that some companies have a minimum requirement for the number of vehicles in a fleet, make sure requirements are covered from your end as well. Added to the cost of the software would be the hardware cost. However, this is usually an onetime fee, these hardware are usually GPS trackers, electronic signature pads, license scanners, etc.

Fleet management software options


Samsara is a well-known fleet management company which has an all-inclusive management software. Opting for Samsara means that every aspect of your business will be managed via technology. They offer all the basic services i.e. driver behavior, GPS, and more with their driver-friendly mobile app that handles routing and dispatch of vehicles, theft detection, etc. Their software package also keeps track of IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement), and overall vehicle health.

Samsara is on the higher end of the price range however, it is a great option if you want to go completely paperless. Their prize depends mainly on the size of your fleet, and they are open to discussing a package that will best fit your business. For a fleet of 30 units, their monthly fee may come up to $27-$128 per unit.


If you only want to focus on fleet maintenance and data tracking then Fleetio will be perfect for your business. Their software does not include GPS based services, their main focus is on asset and VIN lookup, driver and vendor management, service log and reminders, and fuel management – all this for $5 per month per unit. Note that Fleetio requires that your fleet consists of a minimum of 15 units.

GPS Trackit

This cloud-based software only focuses on GPS tracking. They provide real-time GPS, asset monitoring, ELD compliance, telematics, and, cloud-based dispatch. You can gain access to this software for $23.95 per month per unit and requires no contract. Their software also includes a driver behavior detection system.

Verizon Connect

Their fleet management software covers all ground, this is a good option for fleets and businesses of any size. Expect to pay between $50 – $250 per month depending on which services you require, add-ons, and the size of your fleet.

It is expensive, however; it can be a great investment as it covers a lot of services such as geofences, alerts, service reminders, payroll, etc.


When considering which software suits you best factors other than cost come into play i.e. user-friendliness, versatility, software company policies, and attitude, etc. Navotar is an innovative and customer-friendly fleet management software company and its Car Rental Software includes every service your car rental business needs.

Their comprehensive cloud-based software manages reservations, check-in and check-out, vehicle maintenance, GPS, driver behavior, and many more features. They also have an online reservation app that customers of rental businesses could easily use to make and manage their reservations on their own.

You can contact them via their website to get a quote, but, before making a decision why not experience it first? Get a free demo from Navotar. We are just one email away, so connect with us at

In conclusion, the overall cost of fleet management software depends solely on what your preferences are and the size of your fleet. Most software companies only offer specific services, not all of them may offer fleet management software which manages everything. So, are you ready to invest in fleet management software for your fleet?



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