How to unleash the hidden sales value of loaner car rentals

sales value of loaner car rentals

It’s easy to imagine going to your car dealership to get your car repaired and then falling in love with the loaner car you get. But how can we create that love story for our customers? Actually, it’s not as hard as you might think. Picture your client’s car, but new and improved. That’s the loaner car you should give them. Or you could recommend a few options as long as you keep that vital idea in mind. Apart from that, here are a few tips to unleash the hidden sales value of loaner car rentals.


Keep it within the family

When a client comes to you for repairs, be sure to offer them a loaner car because they will find it more convenient to be able to drive in and out easily without arranging alternate transport, plus you can market your latest cars to them. Every time a client rents a car from outside, you are losing out on an important opportunity. Ensure that this does not happen.


Make subtle suggestions

Casually mention the best features of the loaner car and ensure that your client knows the price of the new model without having to ask, but don’t tell them directly. Be sure to hang some nice, clean signs of any offers you might have at the loaner car department and on the website. In short, be sure to highlight the best features of the new model, the price points and any other attractive features, but don’t directly bring it up.


A seamless loaner car experience

Think of this as your client’s first date with the new model they will be trying out. No one likes a first date where they are kept waiting and the food is awful. Similarly, the chances of your client falling in love with the new model they have loaned will reduce if they are kept waiting, aren’t given the correct information efficiently or if they’re left confused by the rental process. This is why it is vital to offer the fastest and smoothest loaner car experience possible.


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