Best Christmas Car Decorations for the Holidays

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Best Christmas Car Decorations for the Holidays

Christmas season is finally here but don’t let the COVID-19 situation get you down. Yes, social distancing must be practiced but who said you can’t have any festive drive-bys with your friends and family. Give your car the seasonal makeover it deserves!


Here are the 10 best Christmas car decorations:

1. Battery Operated Multi-colored Fairy Lights

Multi-colored lights are a must-have decoration, they are nostalgic and brighten up everything! Battery-operated lights are eco-friendly and are safe for the car as they do not rely on the car battery.

2. Reflective Light Stickers

These require no electricity at all and are a perfect alternative to LED lights. You can stick them on any flat surface, these stickers are so reflective that they look like real light bulbs at night.

3. Christmas Car Bow

How wonderful would it be to decorate your vehicle as a Christmas gift? Opt for a waterproof vinyl ribbon and bow, the vinyl makes it lightweight and sturdy enough to be securely attached to your vehicle. These bows are also resistant to fading and tearing.

4. Pendant for the Rearview Mirror

Another go-to option would be to decorate the rear-view mirror with a pendant. This is a great way to show your Christmas spirit if you don’t want to go all out and are worried about safety.

5. Traditional Christmas Wreath

If you want to go the traditional route then the Christmas Wreath is your best option! It is a simple and classic trademark Christmas decoration.

6. Car Antenna Toppers

Antenna toppers are another fun way to decorate your car for Christmas. There are many you can choose from, such as the snowman, gingerbread man, Santa, etc.

7. License Plate Frame

Opt for a more festive decoration like an LED sign that says ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’. These signs are weatherproof and battery operated so you don’t have to fuss over complicated wiring!

8. Funny Decorations

If you want to garner a few laughs, go for the Santa legs sticking out of the car trunk. This comical decoration is sure to get a few laughs out!

9. Christmas themed Air freshener

Decorating your car to look Christmas-ready is important but what about having it smell like Christmas too? There are many Christmas themed air fresheners out there, from Cinnamon to Cookies, you will be spoilt for a choice.

10. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Transform your car into Santa’s loyal pathfinder! Simply get a reindeer car set which may include the antlers, red nose, and tail. Attach the antlers to the front windows, the nose to the grill, and the tail to the trunk.


With the excitement of decorating your car, do not overlook safety precautions. When choosing Christmas decorations make sure that it does not obstruct your line of sight, don’t cover up the windshield, the side-view mirrors, and the rear-view mirror.

Also, choose user-friendly decorations and lighting that won’t use up much energy. Opt for battery-powered or solar-powered lights. Be sure that the decoration does not require a socket powered source and you are good to go!

Which of these decorations would you be using for your car?


Navotar would like to wish our readers a Very Merry Christmas!


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