Benefits of GPS Tracking for Car Rental Business

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Car Rental Business

Every business’s success can be attributed to robust operations. For a car rental business, GPS tracking is one of the most vital aspects of its operations. It can significantly help prevent car theft, increases revenue, and improves customer satisfaction. In this article, we help you break down the benefits of a GPS tracking system for the car rental business. 

But before we dive into it, let us understand the basics, shall we?

So what is a GPS tracking system?

Global Positioning System, more commonly referred to as GPS, is a surveillance technology that uses the Global Navigation Satellite System to track the location of an object, which in your case, would be a car.

What are the benefits of GPS tracking for your car rental business?

With a GPS tracking system installed in the vehicle, a car rental business can:

Monitor location and driver habits:
This is obvious but critical to the operation of the business. Besides providing the vehicle’s exact location, a GPS tracker will ensure that the customers and drivers use the vehicle on pre-authorized routes. Not only does this assist in route optimization, but it also aids in preventing car theft. 

A GPS tracking system will alert you when the driver behaves aggressively or accelerates erratically. Since you will be tracking the rental car remotely, any behavioral discrepancy on the driver’s side can be immediately notified, and you can take appropriate action. A system monitoring their every move will make the drivers drive more responsibly.

Optimize maintenance costs and increase profits
A GPS tracker is essential to ensure smooth operations for your business. These features help provide information on fuel consumption, routes, and other maintenance issues. Statistically, maintenance costs can contribute up to 50 percent of the total cost of ownership for fleets. Utilizing a robust GPS tracker, you can monitor your fleet, ensure you stay ahead of maintenance, and eliminate unnecessary repairs. Reports like these can help you decide on optimizing your fleet and increase your business’s profit margins. 

Minimize the risk of car theft
Vehicle theft is one of the most common issues car rental businesses face. All the paperwork that goes into claiming the insurance adds to the burden. With a GPS tracking device installed in your car, you will get real-time alerts on the vehicle’s exact location. If any burglar or a driver, for that matter, attempts to steal the car, all you will have to do is send the real-time location to the police to ensure that the thief is caught in time. Furthermore, your insurer will also lower the insurance cost knowing that the likelihood of a vehicle with a GPS tracking system installed in them getting lost is relatively low.


With Rentall’s built-in GPS tracking, you can rest assured that you not only keep track of the fleet and car rentals and better manage the vehicles on the road but also improve productivity, reduce operational costs, minimize the possibility of car thefts, ensure customer satisfaction, and enhance safety. 

Contact Rentall to gain complete access to various features, including plug-and-play, driving behavior identifier, mileage tracking, and more.


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