7 Ways to Help your Car Rental Business during the COVID-19 Outbreak

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As COVID-19 continues to evolve and infect many countries worldwide, businesses are seeing a decrease in their overall performance. It is not an easy time right now and we find ourselves with a lot of free time. Therefore, this time should be utilized to its fullest potential by investing it into your business and focusing on these 7 things. 


1.Get Positive Feedback and Reviews from Customers 

Being in the car rental industry, good reviews will bring your business to the top. If you have customers that are willing to leave a good review on google or other review platforms, this would bring good attention to your business. You can even send out an email blast or call your customers to see how they are doing with the current situation and show that you care!

2.Make sure your fleet is maintained properly

You should take this time to ensure all your vehicles are receiving proper care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of them. You should check them thoroughly and get any issues fixed. Since the fleet is idle, it is now the best time to complete these maintenance checkups. 

3.Implement New Tools to Increase Productivity

After the outbreak of coronavirus has calmed down, your business will resume, so make it easier on yourself at that time. Since you have time right now, try to find tools that will help you manage your business and fleet easily, such as car rental softwares. The software, Navotar, will help you make agreements, keep track of customers,manage your finances, and more! Get more idea on Navotar Car Rental Software by visiting 

4.Create A Marketing Schedule for The Future!

Create a marketing schedule with tasks that you want to carry out in the near future. Start working on them as soon as possible and release them as the time comes. Working on email campaigns and blog posts for your website will help readers become aware of your business and gain engagement!

5.Work on a Pricing Strategy

With the coronavirus, it is a difficult time financially, so working on a new pricing strategy that will benefit you as well your customers is crucial. This will help you enhance your company’s image and increase sales.

6.Show your website some Love!

If you have a website, don’t neglect it! After all, it is the first thing customers will see when they enter your name. Add some content on the site, whether it is a blog post or some content creation. If you don’t have a website, then have one made! Navotar has amazing developers that will create a completely customized website for you! If you want to take your business to the next level, add a Navotar reservation plug-in to it, and increase your bookings! 

7.Work on a Recovery Plan for your Business Once the Outbreak is Contained

COVID-19 isn’t going to be here forever, which means you should get a headstart on creating a recovery plan to bounce back. Start by identifying the main problems the outbreak has caused, and find solutions that will help you bring your business back to the top. This can be through advertising, promotional activities, or events. The options are endless, so start planning now!


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