The Growing Demand for White-label




White-label is convenient and cost-effective, therefore, it is a commodity in demand in today’s tech-forward world. So what exactly are white-label software solutions and how can they help a business grow? Keep reading to find out.


What are White-label software solutions?

It is a software service that is developed by a third party to be sold by a reseller. Simply put, a white-label provider develops unbranded software which is then sold to a reseller company that brands the software as their own and re-sells it to their end customers.

Why white-label software solutions?

The idea of white-labeling is that it helps companies expand their business conveniently without having to do so from scratch. It can also be more cost-effective than hiring in-house employees to create and develop software for the company.

White-label is a form of outsourcing but can be even more cost-effective and convenient than hiring a freelancer as there is less cost and time spent on management as white-label companies handle everything from one place. All a reseller has to do is to wait for the end product and re-sell it to their customers.


Types of White-label services

White-label SaaS :

Also known as Software on Service, is re-brandable software offered on a subscription basis and is hosted online. Resellers brand the software to look like their own and sell it to their clientele. This offers more cash flow as it disrupts the traditional software delivery system bringing in more revenue.

B2B white-label:

White-label services sold to a reseller that resells the service to an end-user that is also a business.

B2C white-label:

White-label services sold to a reseller who resells to an end-user who is a consumer or person.


Benefits of utilizing white-label for your business

  • Expand your business: When you partner with a white-label provider you can offer your clients a product/service quickly. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Steady cash flow with SaaS: This allows you to sell rebranded white-label services/products for a monthly fee instead of a yearly fee. This allows you to maintain a steady cash flow as there is an even distribution of revenue.
  • Specialized and experienced: White-label providers are experienced in developing software as they specialize in it. If you have partnered up with the right white-label provider you will benefit greatly from their services no matter the price.
  • Save on money and time: using a white label service is better than trying to develop software from scratch. As developing software in-house needs a lot of resources and energy, partnering up with a white-label provider is convenient and cost-effective overall.

Car rentals and car rental software/service providers can benefit greatly from white-labeling. There are many white-label providers out there, but you need someone who you can trust to deliver an excellent final product.

If you are interested in utilizing SaaS or B2B solutions for your business Navotar will be the perfect partner for you. We specialize in fleet management software as well as in white-label services (SaaS and B2B solutions) some of our partners are CRX and PayPal.

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