Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System for Fleet Managers

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What is fleet monitoring?

It is a method used to monitor vehicle status, location, and, driver behavior typically using GPS tracking devices. The dispatched vehicles are tracked in real-time, providing vital information to fleet managers that can help them manage their fleet conveniently and securely.

How does it work?

The GPS tracking device will be equipped on every vehicle, it uses a built-in cellular or satellite connection to transmit data to the fleet manager usually through a secured internet server/ cloud from where the fleet manager can access it from a website. Recorded data is usually transmitted every two minutes, but this can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Fleet managers can retrieve information on;

  • Vehicle health – such as engine status, fuel consumption, sensor alerts, etc.
  • Real-time vehicle location usually displayed on high-resolution maps which can pinpoint where all your vehicles are at any time
  • Driver behavior i.e. hard braking, vehicle speed, rate of acceleration, traffic data, etc.

There are many fleet monitoring devices and software available on the market, what you choose solely depends on what your requirements are – it can vary between different vehicle types, climate, and environment, states etc. Therefore it is important to look at as many options as possible before deciding on the best one for your business.

How can fleet monitoring help your business?

Monitoring your fleet will give you all the information you need to see where your business can be improved upon and to maintain excellent service. You can easily make sure that your business is profitable as you can witness both the present and the past of how your services have been, this is a sure-fire way to improve customer service as you can make sure everyone is happy. Real-time tracking allows you to detect any problems with customer safety and driver behavior.

You can easily manage fuel costs and re-route journeys to benefit both you and your customer. It is shown that there is a major difference in fuel consumption in companies that utilize a smart fleet monitoring system over those who don’t. This allows you to run a profitable and healthy business.


Planning on using a fleet monitoring system for your rental business? Then Navotar has got you covered. The Navotar GPS integration system allows you to manage your fleet from the palm of your hand. With real-time tracking of vehicle location, driver behavior, remote power off, mileage tracking, and other features you will always be one step ahead. You can easily access the monitoring system as Navotar’s GPS system is integrated into the Navotar Car Rental Software.

Visibility is important for any business, so why limit yourself when you can use a fleet monitoring system to help you keep track of your fleet? Get your free demo from Navotar today and experience innovative and convenient rental fleet management.



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