5 ways you can save on a rental car this Christmas

save on a rental car this Christmas

Christmas is a holiday everyone looks forward to celebrating. Plans to visit family and friends or to pamper yourself with a relaxing holiday getaway are sure to be under your to-do list.  

Everyone pretty much saves a portion of their salary to spend during holidays and mark their days off from work several months in advance. 

If you plan on getting away and decide on renting out a car this Christmas, try as much as you can to save, because that is going to help you spend on other things during your holiday!

So, here are some ways you can save on a rental car this Christmas: 


1. Do your research


Do your research online before booking your rental car. Online platforms will help you hunt down the cheapest option and the best deal to fit your budget. 

Depending on your travel destination, when your dates and timing are slotted in, these websites will show the available options and price comparisons of different car rental companies in that region.  

After filtering the best few car rental companies, visit their websites directly.  

Sometimes prices listed on their sites might be cheaper than what’s listed on other search engines.  

After all, the goal of these companies is for you to book directly with them, so they’ll likely offer a better price if you book right through their website. 


2. Book early  


Booking a rental car, a week or a few days ahead for your pick-up date is going to cost you more than booking your rental car several weeks ahead.  

It shouldn’t be a problem if you are looking at booking common types of cars, for example, a car in the economy range, mini or compact groups.  

Those models typically are easily available, although there’s a risk of being fully booked during the holiday season. 


3. See what type of car you need 


Booking the right type of vehicle will help you save money.  

If it’s just you or only one more friend accompanying you, it’s best to choose a compact car. Compact or economy cars are budget-friendly.  

Before you drive away with the chosen car, look around and inspect the vehicle. Study the car and its features to see if it is apt for your travel.

If you are intending to travel as a family, especially with a kid on board, check if the car is safe and child friendly with appropriate seating and safety gear.  

4. Book the car for a long period 


This might sound counterintuitive, but booking the car longer than you need it might actually provide greater value than just booking for the week of Christmas.  

Companies will typically offer you a better deal if you book a long-term rental.  

See if you can schedule and adjust your trip for an extended period.  

Plan ahead and tweak your pickup and drop off days to see which pricing plan’s worth it.  

Also, check if the chosen car rental company offers a refund if you return the rental car early.  


5. Pay for your toll and gas


Save money by bringing in your own toll pass. Most companies charge a convenience fee if you choose their transponder to pay for the toll.

If you are travelling to a new location, do research on the local toll paying systems. 

Pay for your gas as you go and fill the tank when returning the car.

This way, you will be paying for the fuel that you use and not for a full tank with only half being utilized. 


Follow these tips to save on a rental car this Christmas and do tweet at us if you had a great holiday season! 



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