Will Self-Driving cars soon become the norm in the Auto Industry?

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Self-Driving Tesla Question Mark

Almost everyone has dreamed about the self-driving car and that future does not seem very far away. However, the recent pandemic has dealt everyone a bad hand, but industry greats are doing their best to complete their projects.

The self-driving car which only existed in the imaginations of people will be real in a decade or so. Waymo (Google) is still the industry lead and the biggest competition for the other industry players. Considering the current situation, self-driving cars are proving to be the best solution for a contactless future and the demand may increase.

Self-driving cars are available to this day but are still at the trial stage. Developing A.I. which can learn to drive without the help of a human may take longer than anticipated. However, Tesla is trying to release their “RoboTaxis” by the end of 2021, will they succeed? Only time will tell.

Certain cars in the market already have some driverless features, such as auto-parking. There are still some drawbacks to going fully automated, one such drawback is ‘humans’. Pedestrians and other drivers may be unpredictable, and that’s a normal occurrence, but can we expect computer software to anticipate human behavior?

Car industry giants and tech heavyweights like BMW, Apple, General Motors, Amazon, and many more are looking to create their own self-driving car. The competition is high and every contender has something unique to offer. This proves that there is a market for driverless cars and many people will own a self-driving car in the near future.

With the trends pointing towards a future where all things may be automated, the possibility of driverless cars filling the roads is not a far-fetched idea. Fans of driving may not like the idea of self-driving cars but car industry trends are pointing towards the fact that driverless cars may be the new normal.

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