Why Your Car Rental Business Needs A Mobile App

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Businesses across industries are on the lookout for the latest technology trends and solutions in order to be futuristic and stay competitive. One such significant trend in the car rental industry is the use of mobile applications. This trend is a result of various factors like its ability to connect with customers in real-time, provide a smart user experience, boost productivity, and cost-effectiveness, to name a few.

Research suggests 21% of millennials say they open their apps more than 50 times per day. Undoubtedly, they have become an important channel for businesses to keep in touch with their customers. In this blog, we cover some of the major benefits of a mobile app for your car rental business –

1. Gain A Competitive Edge –
First and foremost, the car rental industry has never been more competitive, and gaining customer attention in this time of “8 seconds attention span” can be quite challenging. Moreover, consumer behavior is constantly changing and they are always on the lookout for instant communication, which has exponentially increased the reliance on mobile devices. With a mobile app, your customers don’t always have to go where you are because you are with them. It helps you in creating a powerful impression and assists you in developing a long-term, profitable relationship with your clientele.

2. Understand Customer Behavior –
Next, if you want your car rental business to succeed, you need insights into your customer’s behavior- what they like, what they don’t prefer, and more. A mobile app will serve as a reliable and valuable tool to collect all this information. By tracking your consumer’s user journey, you can gain insights into daily, weekly, and monthly users, downloads, uninstalls, retention rate, and more. You can use this data to modify your business strategy in a way that better serves customers and your business is running profitably.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience –
Last but not the least, the ultimate goal of a car rental business is to maximize customer satisfaction. Your car rental system should be able to provide information quickly and accurately. Compared to the website and other communication channels, mobile apps offer a more personalized, reliable, and easy method of getting in touch. Besides, mobile apps help streamline operations and assist your employees in serving customers in a better way too.

In conclusion, it is the overall convenience, growth, and profitability that make mobile applications a must-have for all car-rental businesses.  

About RENTALL’s Mobile App Solution:

RENTALL’s mobile app solution enables you to manage everything from your car rentals, payments, and schedules at the touch of a button. Some of its key features include:

1. Vehicle Availability: Check vehicle availability on the go, always keep track of the status of your fleet

2. License Scanner: Scan driver licenses and create customer profiles within a few seconds

3. Faster Checkout & Check-In: Now it’s easy to make bookings and manage those on the go! Streamlined booking process

4. Snap a Dent: Snap a picture of your vehicle’s condition before and after rental

5. Digital Signature: Capture your customer’s signatures immediately

6. Wireless Print & Email: Go wireless with print and send emails directly from the mobile app

RENTALL is the broadest, most adaptable, and continuously evolving rental platform on the market. Explore our solutions here, or connect with us at +1 888 628 6827 or for a consultation.


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