What to expect from Touchless car renting

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In a world where social distancing has become the norm, touchless car renting is proving to be a great solution to curb problems faced with over the counter interactions and safety. No more waiting in line, no more miscommunication between you and agents, no more paperwork, and no more health risk! Touchless car renting means an almost self-service car rental process with minimum to no human to human interaction.

Not everyone can afford to stay safely indoors during this time. Many people have work commitments and other reasons that may require them to travel. Safety comes into question, and this is why touchless reservation is the answer.

Features that may be available for touchless reservations:

  • Online reservations

    Make a reservation from home – all policies, agreements, and documents will be available online.

  • Online transactions

    All documents can be signed online, with online card payment. That means no person to person interaction at all.

  • Manage pick-up and drop-off

    Customers will be able to pick up their rental and the key from a designated stand without any human contact. It is also expected that the rental process would go key-less to prevent spread, with apps being used to access the car.

  • Clean and safe rentals

    Most big names in the rental industry are practicing thorough disinfection protocols to ensure their customers are safe. Rental companies will be fogging their cars with antibacterial mists as well as cleaning the interiors with other disinfectants.


The need for safe ways of travel is encouraging the tech industry to pick up pace in innovating. Many car rental companies have their own app which allows customers to manage their reservations from their smart device. Going touchless is a versatile and innovative way to book a rental. Touchless car rental may prevail even after the COVID-19 pandemic as most people prefer online reservations than over-the-counter reservations.

Many rental companies are opting to utilize touchless rental reservations as it is helping improve business during these tough times. If you are a rental business owner and are looking to make the jump to touchless car renting the Navotar Customer Mobile Application is your best option. This white-label app allows you to customize it to your brand. Your customers can then download the app and access all contactless reservation features. The application is safe, innovative, and practical.


So, do you think touchless car reservation is viable for the future of the car rental industry?

Be safe, from all of us at Navotar.



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