Top 10 Car Rental companies in Hawaii

Almost any traveller who lands in the beautiful island of Hawaii, prefers the option of renting out a vehicle for themselves. Renting out a vehicle is considered to be the easiest way of getting about in this tropical island except in Waikiki. You will be able to enjoy a self-guided tour with your family, friends or partner and therefore, make the most out of the little tour rather than trying to find your way around using public transport. Hawaii does not have any fixed schedules for buses which will make it difficult for one to travel from one point to another. Furthermore, not all routes have good coverage of the island in case you need to visit these particular points. Hailing a taxi to transport yourself around is very expensive. If you are a business traveller and you cannot be late for your conferences or meetings, then it is strongly recommended that you hire a vehicle. If you are planning on riding along the coastline, then there are bikes and mopeds available. However, these little vehicles are not the best to get around the island of Hawaii especially when you have to cover a large area of land and when it rains. It is best that you get a rental from one of the top ten car rental companies in Hawaii particularly if you are staying in the Big Island, Oahu, Kauai and Maui, which has been listed below for your reference when planning a trip to the paradise island of Hawaii.
  1. Cruise Maui Rent A Car

This rental company focuses on providing affordable rentals for those individuals who are looking for adventure. Regardless of your requirement – tourist or business, Cruise Maui Rent A Car can provide it. The starting prices of the vehicle available are at $30 per day. The prices include all taxes and fees applicable in Hawaii. The fleet consists of both luxury and budget vehicles such as campervans, cars, jeeps, mini-vans, pickup trucks, SUVs and even luxury cars such as Tesla or BMW. The bonus is that the company provides all the equipment and gear necessary for your adventures and will go to the extent of having your groceries being delivered to your accommodation.


  1. Premier Automotive

Premier Automotive was established in 2014 and is located in Kaimuki, provides customers a professional and superior service with solutions for your car rental problem in Hawaii. The rentals are able to also provide mopeds for those who want to a quick drive down the coastline. Short- and long-term rentals are also available for those who are staying longer on the island. The average pricing of a vehicle starts at $40 per day.


  1. Discount Hawaii Car Rental

Discount Hawaii Car Rental is located in Honolulu. Its speciality is customer service, which will make you feel that you are actually dealing with real human beings and not just an automated response to emails or a telephone. The starting price of a compact vehicle is just $30. Even if you need to book at the last minute, you can be sure that you will be provided with the best service and you will have the vehicle arranged within half-hours’ time. As a customer, you will not have to worry about the car rental charging your anything also other than what has been quoted.


  1. Enterprise Rent A Car

Enterprise Rent A Car is a global car rental company that has many of its branch locations all over the world. There are branches in Wahiawa, Kailu-Kona, Honolulu, Lihu, Kihei and Hilu in Hawaii. You need to pay just $48 per day for a compact SUV. You will have a range of vehicles to choose from which includes convertibles, jeeps, economy cars, standard SUVs, luxury and premium cars as well. Many of the customers of Enterprise Rent A Car opt for a jeep or a convertible to ensure that all the sights can be enjoyed while driving down one of the islands.


  1. Manaloha Rent A Car

Manaloha Rent A Car is located in Wailuku, Hawaii and began catering to its surfers and windsurfers customers in 1998. Since then, the car rental has been catering to hikers, families and all other customers from around the world. The fleet of Manaloha Rent A Car includes pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans, minivans and station wagons.  You have the option of picking up the vehicle from the public airport parking lot or you can just visit the store. Do not worry about the language barrier as you will have the ability to communicate with the customer service agents in Spanish, French, Italian or English. The vehicles are kept clean and you will not have to worry about a breakdown. The starting price for the vehicles to hire is at $50 per day and the rate will change based on the vehicle you decide to hire out.


  1. Lucky Owl Car Rental

Another local car rental company located in Honolulu is Lucky Owl Car Rental. This company provides affordable and budget vehicles for hire from its fleet of compact, full-sized, sedans, midsized, vans, SUVs and coupes. You can hire out on a long term or short-term programs. Lucky Own Car Rental ensures that there are no credit card fees and hidden fees that will pop up at the last minutes. You will also be provided with a free airport transfer for booking a vehicle for hire with this car rental. The starting price of a van starts at $75 per day. You can get yourself a compact car for approximately $35 per day and an underage charge of $10 per day might be applicable if you are less than 25 years of age.


  1. National Car Rental

Another global car rental company that is found in Hawaii is National Car Rental. You will be able to hire an economy car with prices starting at $45 per day without any local taxes. National Car Rental is located in Honolulu, Kahului, Kailua Kona, Lahaina, Lihue and Waikoloa. You will experience very friendly staff at any time you contact time. The reservation system is simple and does not ask for a lot of information. The loyalty program provided will ensure that the next time you make any reservation for a vehicle, you get a free upgrade to the next best and available fleet.


  1. Hertz

The Hertz Corporation is a global car rental company based in Florida with many of its branches located worldwide. You will be able to find the best prices online and if you happen to book the vehicle and come across a lower Hertz rate, you will be able to get a refund for the cost difference. If you are worried about hidden charges and credit card charges, you can put those worries away. There are business car rentals options available as well for corporate travellers as well as for businesses for transportation of objects. The fleet consists of cars, pickup trucks, vans, wagons, special business and commercial vehicles.  You will be provided with a navigation system as well as a radio system during your drives. If you prefer to have a chauffeur driver, then this too can be arranged. The starting price of a compact vehicle is just $65. Hertz branches  can be located in Honolulu, Kauai, Maui and Big Island.


  1. Harper Car & Trucks Rental

Harper Car & Truck Rental has been operating in the Big island of Hawaii for 35 years ago. This car rental is the number one for renting trucks. There are other types of vehicles in the fleet, which include cars, refrigerated trucks, assorted trucks, dump trucks, SUVs, passenger vans, flatbeds and covered trucks. There are weekly and monthly rates available as well as long term rental rates if required. Once you make a reservation you will be able to get a free airport pick up and drop off as well.


  1. Advantage Rent A Car

Advantage Rent A Car in Hawaii lets you hire the best vehicles that are value for money, service and quality. Whether you are on leisure or business travel, you will be provided with all the options you need to make a reservation with Advantage Rent A Car. You can grab your keys from the counter at the airport and find your vehicle parked in the airport parking lot or pick and drop it off at the store. There are corporate advantages for corporations, business travelers and leisure travelers. You can hire a compact car starting at $40 per day including taxes and charges.

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