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Social media has undoubtedly become an effective marketing tool for businesses today’s competing economy. Snapchat and Instagram in particular have hundreds of millions of daily users, who consume an endless amount of advertising content every day. As a car rental company serving a niche market, it is important to be active and accessible on these platforms where potential customers are spending their time and being influenced. How can you use Snapchat and Instagram to market your services? You might want to consider the following methods:


Create a business profile

Snapchat and Instagram accommodate businesses on their platforms by giving them the unique opportunity to have a business account. This will allow you to post advertisements promoting your services, which will be visible to all users as long as your profile is public. Those who spend time beholding related content, cars in this scenario, will be more likely to see your ads. Having a business account is especially useful on Instagram, where you can add your business and contact details in your bio.

Keep your DMs open

An accessible business tends to be a more successful one. When your office is closed and/or telephone lines are busy, Snapchat and Instagram can act as great lines of communication between you and potential customers. If managed appropriately, it can even be an efficient way for customers to make bookings. Make sure you are encouraging your followers to send you direct messages and actively responding to them!

Post consistently

Consumers are drawn to entertaining, and most importantly, active accounts. Posting consistently about exciting new products and services will keep followers engaged and aware of your brand. And if you’re up for it, posting the behind-the-scenes of your operations can improve your reputation as a business, showing that you are transparent and passionate about serving your clients. On Snapchat this is best achieved through Snapchat stories, and on Instagram, through Instagram stories, live streams, and posts.

Have regular giveaways

One of the best ways to attract users to your profile, and get more followers, is to hold regular giveaways. These giveaways don?t need to be extravagant vacations to the tropics, but they should be substantial enough to get people excited. A great way to promote your business through a giveaway is to offer free/discounted services from your business, such as a free rental car for 24 hours. On Instagram, you can ask users to follow you, mention several friends in a comment and get them to follow as well, make them post/stories tagging your company, repost your posts, in order to qualify to win. This will bring you more followers, more engagement, and hopefully, more customers!

Get connected with the community

If you want people to be talking about your pages, whether it?s on Snapchat or Instagram, you must network with the community. You want to look for relevant figures in your area, as well as popular influencers on social media, who are willing to promote your product and can effectively reach your target market. For example, you might want to partner with local hotels and travel agencies, or key figures in the automotive industry with a strong social media presence, to do some social media blasts. You can get them to promote your products, services, giveaways, or even give them promo codes for their followers to get special discounts.

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