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A Rental Business is such that shall never go out of need or style. People will always require safer, faster and inexpensive ways to travel. This generally becomes the sole vantage point to start a Rental Business along with greater challenges and opportunities of the rental industry.

To be able to conquer this global market a Rental Business has to penetrate a massive Internet-fed generation. This means having a basic owned rental software, a website that provides online booking facilities and mobile applications do become almost compulsory for survival in the rental industry.

Thereby considering all these norms and trends of the rental industry and the global market for the rental facility, we provide you with a Car Rental Solution along with the Navotar Mobile Application.

Navotar provides you with rich and user-friendly features that can cater to a few vehicles to up to a thousand vehicles too. Some of the most common features include:

  • Fleet Tracking and Maintenance
  • Agreement and Reservation Management
  • Customer Management
  • Rate Management
  • Reporting Interface
  • Credit Card Processing and much more.

I have therefore highlighted some of the main features in Navotar that shall help you increase accuracy and efficiency in managing your Rental Business:

  1. Navotar is a cloud based software, enabling usage on all devices. It also means that there is no need for any installation required to use it, which allows user to monitor the Business in real-time.
  2. Navotar provides a fully equipped Maintenance Module which includes scheduled maintenance of vehicles, alerts in advance of the maintenance and manual service track minimizing the risk of breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs.
  3. The interface of the software is very simple and easy to use for anyone.
  4. Navotar allows the user to upload documents in to the system such as Customer Driving License copy, Vehicle License copy etc. for referential and other purposes required by the Rental.
  5. Navotar provides a fully synced Android and iOS App for the user to easily use in their smartphones on the move.
  6. The Navotar Mobile App allows the user to upload real-time images of the Vehicle for excellent damage management.
  7. The Navotar Mobile App consists of digital signature feature, which allows the user to email signed documents to the customers too.
  8. Navotar also provides an excellent customer support, if there is an issue or concern that has come up we provide instant support and solution too.
  9. Navotar also provides a multi-lingual software as required in languages likes Spanish, Arabic, French and Hebrew.
  10. Navotar provides GPS tracking which allows to monitor the vehicle’s current location, routes traveled, total distance run and monitoring through maps integration.

Navotar the most advanced and easy to use, cloud-based Car Rental Software along with a Navotar Mobile Application that will help you run your Rental Business at its best.

For more information on Navotar please contact us on: or 1-888-NAVOTAR

[Published By: Nafisa Murtaza]


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