5 Reasons why you should choose RENTALL for your car rental business!

why you should choose Rentall for your car rental business

Being an owner of a car rental business could be a challenging role to play. To manage and increase your business performance, to stay ahead of your competitors and to drive in more sales, you may be constantly looking for ways to improve your operations. There is a one-stop solution for your car rental business! RENTALL is a cloud-based fleet management software that helps automate your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose RENTALL for your car rental business!


  • Fleet Management

A well-maintained fleet brings in money into your car rental business. Connect, control and optimize your fleet with RENTALL. RENTALL enables you to monitor, manage and analyze your fleet status. You can set up scheduled maintenance notifications so that you will not miss out on any and receive remote updates about your fleet!


  • Booking Management

Let your customers book their rides online effortlessly. Gone are the times of walking into a car rental to reserve and book. Customers are now tech-savvy and prefer contactless booking. With RENTALL’s booking management, you will be able to pull up all the information of your customer at the time of pick up or drop off.


  • Finance Management

Avoiding situations that stall important stakeholders’ decision-making might be crucial to your company’s success. Whatever the workweek entails, you can take advantage of crucial data such as the Daily Summary, Monthly Financials, Profit and Loss, and the Aging Report, which determines payment collection overdue. RENTALL also customizes payment gateway connections to meet the needs of our customers.


  • Damage Control

In this line of work, anticipating every degree of possible damage is critical, as there may be numerous unforeseen events when working under the supervision of another. These damages are not only costly, but they also have a negative influence on profitability. Customers’ driving and usage capacities may differ, making wear and tear tracking a time-consuming operation that can lead to confrontations and shattered client relationships.


  • User interface and user-friendliness

The most important aspect of well-functioning software is its user interface and experience.RENTALL is one of the best-designed software. It is device responsive and user friendly. RENTALL is carefully crafted to suit the digital shift and enables you to do the self-set up without any technical help.


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