Online Booking System for car rental companies


Are you a car rental company and have you automated the entire process with a car rental software and a website? If so, the next step is a must and foremost important to convert the visitors to customers. And that is to implement an online reservation system on the car rental website. It would be new and strange for few, but it is implementable and a very effective and efficient feature that auto rental companies would find if implemented. As most of us prefer to make reservations ourselves rather than using other traditional and usual ways due to the ease and effectiveness.

The benefits of online reservation plugin

24/7 operation

A reservation plugin works all the time. Potential visitors can reserve vehicles anytime they want. This method also maximizes sales since working hours are not limited. Furthermore, studies show that a 24/7 car rental reservation system greatly increases the number of reservations.

Automated booking management

Car rental reservation systems will make staff more efficient as they want to be tied to the phone for reservation calls.

Payment for reservation is easier and faster

Payments for reservations can be made during the booking itself and in case if they don’t turn up, you can keep some of the money as compensation.

Cut your workload

Online reservation plugin reduces the workloads and optimize customer service. These platforms can make sure that bookings are synced, and the availability is updated with each reservation processing. A good reservation system makes the process care free.

The new way to make reservations.

Everyone is online now, and customers use the internet to discover everything they need to know. Failing to have an online presence will miss out on great opportunities. To make use of the modern booking approach, it is very important to integrate your online reservation plugin with your websites.


Navotar is an advance rental management software which also provides the reservation plugin along, please click on the below image to watch the video and to get an insight on how things works


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