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Contactless car rental

Innovation in business was a matter of convenience, in most cases. However, as of late, especially after the pandemic and subsequent ‘new normal’, our eyes are wide open for innovation of safe business infrastructure and operations. We are now digitizing our business operation components as much as possible. It has now become a prerequisite to be agile to these new trends. Navotar has always believed in innovating for safety and sustainability. That has been a key insight in all our disruptions to the traditional transactions. We are currently offering all our clients some of the most high-end contactless car rental features in the world.

In fact, it was one of the very reasons why Navotar was born; to provide smart solutions to the transportation sector, minimizing waste and increasing productivity. To this end, we ensure that our business provides realistic and timely solutions and that we do – consistently.


E – Signature

This enables our clients to capture the signature of renters on an agreement without having to print the agreement out and manually sign it. Here, we made it more conducive to both the loaner fleet management service and the client to get about with their ride with minimum paperwork.

In the same way, we aim to minimize the use of paper thus helping our clients to be an active part of reducing the carbon footprint.


Damage Inspection

This is often a worrisome experience in the rental car business. Negotiations on the severity of the damage, place and history of the damage are often subjected to dispute and debate. It requires additional time, effort and resources to maintain these details and retrieve them promptly when required. The damage inspection feature we propose lets the client note down the vehicle damages during checkout and check-in via our web platform.

We know what you are thinking – ‘ Can life get any better?’ It certainly can. The management portal consists of a blueprint of a car where you can select, mark a spot and define the type of damage in the system. And here it gets better. The mobile app provides you with the option to take images and videos of the vehicle and upload them to the system.


Consumer Portal

When the world is moving with the Internet of Things (IoT), a customer would definitely want their rental to be operating very well on the internet. We understand, a phone call would solve a lot of things in a more humane way, ‘time’ at present is a costly affair. Therefore, we suggest the rental company integrate the portal on their website. In this Consumer Portal, a customer is given the opportunity to create a profile and manage all their transportation requirements on the same.

Moreover, the Consumer Portal allows the customer to access a host of other possibilities – to make reservations, check availability of their reservation, the history of their travel and many more via their profile.


Consumer Mobile App

We provide an even more convenient option for our partners; the ever so versatile and safe Consumer Mobile App. This multifaceted application is most certainly a pragmatic solution for both the rental business and the customer. Through this application, the customer gains the opportunity to manage their rental requirements. The customers can make reservations, record and upload damage inspection information, track the ride and many more other unique features.

The application is available both on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


For more information on Navotar’s contactless car rental services, you can reach out to your account manager, or contact our sales team by filling the form.


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