How to Renew Expired Rental Car Registration?

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When managing a fleet of vehicles some things can easily be overlooked. Vehicle registration renewal is a must but car rentals tend to miss out on this, putting customers in trouble. Registration renewal depends on the state/ country’s laws and requirements.

What is Vehicle Registration?

Vehicle registration at your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) allows your vehicle to be connected to you. This information will be added to their system and along with that, you will have to pay a registration fee that needs to be renewed every 1 or 2 years (depending on the state laws).

Fleet Registration Renewal

Registering a fleet is no easy task, you have to oversee that multiple vehicles are registered properly and manage the documentation as well.

If the registration is already expired, you may have to pay a penalty fee to your state’s DMV. The process depends on the laws and the DMV of the respective state. If the registration has been expired for over a year you may have to re-register the vehicle/s.

Many rental companies hire a third party to handle licensing and registration. These registration solutions providers are reliable and efficient in the long run. Instead of missing renewal and having to pay a costly penalty fee, allow them to manage your fleet.

If you are a small fleet owner and are still struggling with registration renewal, you can opt for vehicle rental software. The software can be configured to remind you of when the fleet registration needs to be renewed along with other maintenance alerts.


Renewal of vehicle registration should not be missed under any circumstance. If a vehicle with an expired registration is hired by a customer, and they are stopped by the police, it may lead to problems. In some cases, the customer has been held liable for the fault of the car rental company.

Customers have had to pay penalty fees or attend court to defend their case, whilst some rental companies have taken responsibility and reimbursed the hire charge back to the customer. Practising ethical business values is important in the long run. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary problems that may taint the name of your business keep track of registration renewal and other license-related documentation.

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