How to improve your taxi service

How to improve your taxi service


Running a taxi company is very hectic, many things need to be kept track of to ensure customer satisfaction. Taxi companies also require a large workforce from operators to drivers, and one small error happening in between can cause the company to fall.

Customers expect reliability, convenience and fair rates for the service provided, so taxi businesses must stay on top of their game at all times.

If you are looking to improve your taxi service you will find the following business strategies helpful.

  1. Hire good drivers

Most often than not taxi companies fail because they hire just about anyone that walks through their doors. The lack of screening can lead to poor service and customers will be left feeling unsafe.

Make sure that you have a fair and thorough screening strategy in place when hiring drivers. Drivers who are reliable and friendly can help boost your business as customers will feel comfortable and safe using your service.

Since drivers operate remotely it is important to make sure that they are working up to the company standards. To make sure of this ensure that all drivers hired by your company undergo a training program, this is the best way to maintain your company’s quality.

Have your drivers take a survey each day or weekly this can help make sure that your drivers are happy and that there were no hiccups in their service today. Customer reviews are important as well, pay close attention to that.

  1. Think like your customer

Looking at your business through the point of view of a customer will help you understand what your company needs to provide quality services. Customers like reliability, safety, convenient booking services, friendly customer service, etc. looking at your business as a customer will help greatly.

Think about easy ways potential customers can reach you, the best way is via QR codes. Make sure you have pasted QR stickers at popular cafes and other places frequented by people –airports, banks, even hospitals.

Try to extend services for differently-abled customers, train drivers to help customers with disabilities and even elderly customers. This can help give you an edge over competitors as most companies overlook this detail of customer service. Also, this is great for your brand image as a friendly and caring company that does not discriminate.

  1. Discounts, promos, and loyalty points

Another way to garner more customers and keep your current clientele happy is through discounts, promo codes and loyalty points.

This is a great way to appreciate your customers and give back for them using your services. You can offer discounts during the holiday seasons during which time a lot of people will be relying on taxis to get them around, especially from airports.

Award loyal customers with loyalty points, this will help retain your customer base and help with a steady revenue.

  1. Operators

Your operators and drivers must cooperate well. Miscommunication is a common factor that can affect your business, and this can easily happen between operators and drivers.

Make sure that your dispatch system is highly organized and operational as this will decide if your business works well or not. Train operators to be friendly and patient when communicating with customers and drivers.

Provide them with the proper tools to do their job, almost 50% of your taxi company will be made up of operators, therefore, prioritize that aspect of your business.

  1. Go green!

Include EVs (electric vehicles) into your fleet, many people are now very environmentally conscious and prefer vehicles with low carbon emissions. Also, electric cars are economical in the long run and will show that your company utilizes sustainable business practices and that it cares about environmental causes.

Using electric cars will help reduce your company’s carbon emission, and that is good for your conscience.

  1. Online presence

This is very important in today’s marketing standards. Having online engagement will help boost your business, it is worth spending that extra money on a great social media marketing strategy!

Create social media campaigns, collaborate with other businesses or social media influencers who have similar values as your business. Their clientele and fan base respectively may have many potential customers and they can help promote your business.

  1. Tech business solutions

With major advances in tech, taxi and rental companies are experiencing a boom in business. Using state-of-the-art cloud-based software for your business is the sure-fire way of achieving success!

You can utilize cloud-based taxi dispatch software that can be greatly helpful to operators as well as drivers and customers. Create an app so that customers can easily make reservations instead of over the phone. Having a website with reservation facilities as well as all company information is extremely important and it reduces paperwork, you can have automated invoice generators and reservation histories.

This way everything is available at the fingertips of your customers. Remember, versatility and convenience help greatly in improving a business.

If you are interested in cloud-based software, head over to the Navotar. Navotar is an expert in cloud-based software as well as digital marketing solutions for fleet management businesses.

If you own a taxi company, these tips will surely help you rise above your competitors.
Wishing you good luck, from Navotar.



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