How to get the best car rental deals

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When traveling you will need a good, reliable mode of transport, and hiring a rental is the obvious solution. However, rental cars can often be quite pricey but like most things, you can acquire it for a cheaper price if you are smart enough.

Car rental companies want to make sure their cars are hired no matter what; therefore they will rely on many marketing tactics to make sure of it. Car rental companies usually offer special deals that can usually be accessed via their site or app or, on travel network sites like Kayak.

There are many ways you can get value for money with your reservations, keep reading to find out.

  1. No airport bookings

Say no to airport car rentals if you want to save up on some cash. Renting a vehicle from a car rental agency within the airport can be very pricey even if it is very convenient.

Airports are a great place to get many clients due to the demand of transport needed by the many travelers boarding off flights daily. Due to this, rental agencies usually tend to add on the extra charges for their rentals.

Your best option is to compare the airport rental agency prices with the other rental agencies within the area. Rental agencies located outside the airport are usually cheaper, also opt to go for local businesses instead of big-name companies as their services are affordable and quite good.

  1. Travel network sites

Many travel network sites offer rentals from almost all car rental agencies for insanely affordable prices. Sites like KAYAK, CarTrawler, and, Sky Scanner can connect you with many car rental agencies from any part of the world.

You can easily find rental companies that fit your budget as these sites compile a list of affordable car rentals within the price range you are looking for. Most times these sites have discount offers and deals which can further reduce the price, especially seasonal offers i.e. Christmas discounts or New Year upgrades.

  1. Always book economy cars

Economy cars are the cheapest option available from car rental agencies and are usually booked often. This can be used to your advantage in case the car you booked is not available, you may be eligible for an upgrade.

  1. Insurance

It is always safe to be insured when traveling and this applies to your rental vehicle. The insurance provided by the rental company can be overpriced, but if you already own car insurance it may cover for rentals as well. Check with your insurance provider for what options are available for rentals.

Your credit card may also offer coverage for rental vehicles, be sure to check with the credit card company to be sure.

  1. Early bookings

If you are making a booking weeks in advance, the rental agency may offer you a discount. If you are sure of the date and your trip is confirmed, go ahead and make an early reservation.

  1. Loyalty programs

If you are a regular customer of a certain car rental company, signing up for their loyalty program will be worth your time and money! These loyalty programs offer loyalty points and discounts for members with customized service to ensure you get the best.

So take 2 minutes to sign up and be eligible for great deals!

  1. Extras

Most rental companies include extras in their final bill i.e., GPS, car seat, etc. if you don’t require these you can inform them and they will omit the extras. These usually add up and increase the starting price of the rental drastically.

  1. Seasonal offers and coupons

Keep a lookout for offers and coupons, many rental companies rely on these to promote their business so you can easily find special offers and discounts on their social media pages. Note that credit cards and banks may also collaborate with rental businesses to offer discounts for their customers, it is likely that your credit card may offer a discount if you book a vehicle from a certain rental company.



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