Key Takeaways From Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance Survey

future of electric vehicles

The Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance conducted an internal demand survey in 2021 on the types, quantities and specifications of electric vehicles that companies plan to purchase over the next five model years. The Alliance’s vision is a vehicle market where ZEV models are available to meet all commercial and vocational needs, are cost-competitive with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and are accessible to companies across their U.S. operations.

This detailed survey provides a clear picture of the demand for electric vehicles and a brief outline of the roadmap for manufacturers looking to compete in the global vehicle market. Listed below are some of the key takeaways from this survey –


  • Alliance members preferred battery-electric vehicles over plug-in hybrids or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles across most vehicle types.
  • 96% of the survey respondents showed a willingness to switch manufacturers if required to get their desired electric vehicle configurations.
  • 71% of respondents plan to procure Light Duty Vehicles (LDVs) in the coming five years.
  • Sedans accounted for more than 75% of planned light-duty vehicle procurements.
  • On average, public or on-road charging account for 32% of charging needs. It is a crucial element of the commercial transition to electric vehicles, particularly for regional and long-haul freight.


In essence, the future is definitely electric and we must embrace and prepare for this change quickly. To read about the detailed survey report, click here

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