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Ten years ago if I had told you that you can almost run your entire business on the Cloud, well you would have considered me crazy! However, now the time for Excel Spreadsheets are long gone, it is the time to step in to the evolving Digital and Cloud Technology. Adopting to these amazing new technology is definitely the biggest asset for your business.

Traditional techniques and Excel sheets do not work anymore for various reasons, therefore I listed a few in general:

  1. Updating the Business records and information is the longest and most stressful process.
  2. A spreadsheet-based environment is incapable of quick decision making, like checking the vehicle availability or filter information based on specific information.
  3. If you have various Locations/Branches/Departments you will clearly know the trouble to centralize and collaborate all the information and activities into one final document.
  4. Data duplication and trivial human errors are the basic issues faced almost every day by businesses using manual processes.

So how will the Automated System help?

The digital world is always constantly upgrading, so are the economic statistics along with it:

  • Mobile bookings in travel have grown by 1700% between 2011 and 2015, moving from 1% to 18% of online revenues. (Frederic Gonzalo, 2016)
  • Rental Businesses tend to get 30-40% more bookings after implementing an online booking system. (TrekkSoft, 2016)

To be very specific an Ideal Rental Business should be managed by a Car Rental Software, that is backed with a Mobile Application and with the recent trends for the online booking there has to be a Reservation Module in your Rental Business?s website, while all the information from the different mediums is simply stored in the Cloud.

Why so many businesses are adopting to the digital approach?

Well for obvious reasons, A rental software that is cloud based has numerous benefits like:

  1. A complete system installation with No Hardware.
  2. With a system like this you can simply work from anywhere, if you got an internet you are at work. And with the Mobile Application, the device usage is also not limited.
  3. The digital approach will undoubtedly strengthen your Business Brand, which will drive your competitors away.

Still not chosen the Digital Approach?

The technological services listed above are a definite requirement for any successful Rental Business.
That is exactly why Navotar brings to you a Cloud based car rental system, to manage all the aspects of your Rental Business. Along with a Mobile App that is synced with the System. And finally a must have add-on is the Navotar Online Reservation Module.

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