Best Car Rental Insurance Providers in Canada

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It is important to insure any business, but when it comes to a car rental business it can be a bit different. Apart from general insurance to secure the company, you will also need to insure your fleet of rental cars.

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Below, we have listed the best options for Car Rental Insurance in Canada.


AVIVA is one of Canada’s largest and trusted commercial Auto Insurance providers. You can choose between optional and additional coverage.

Optional coverage: this is an industry based fleet insurance manager, and caters to a variety of industries.

Additional coverage: covers vehicle replacement in event of Accident or Repair, Physical Damage, and more.

With AVIVA you are eligible to multi-vehicle discounts, conviction-free discounts, and protection against increased premiums.

For more information visit their site:

2. Mitchell and Whale Insurance Brokers

They are an Ontario based company offering fleet insurance coverage for both small and big businesses. The insurance brokers at Mitchell and Whale are specialized in fleet insurance and will find the best insurance company for your business.

What they offer: Third-Party Liability, Accident Benefits, Coverage Against Uninsured Drivers, Optional Collision Coverage, and Optional Comprehensive Coverage.

For more information visit their site:

3. InsurEye

They offer insurance for fleets of up to 5 cars and more, and they offer a free quote for you to get an idea of what’s in store before fully committing.

What they offer: Collision Coverage, Third-Party Liability Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, Accident Benefits, and more.

For more information visit their site:

4. Aon

Aon is perfect for small businesses and offers coverage for cars, trucks, vans, and commercial use trailers. They too insure fleets of up to 5 vehicles or more for commercial purposes.

What they offer: Coverage for Damage or Loss of Vehicles, Damage caused by your Vehicles to Others, Injury, or death of drivers.

For more information visit their site:

5. EasyInsure

At EasyInsure they focus more on offering a tailor-made insurance solution for their clients. They offer both general liability coverage as well as commercial auto coverage within most Canadian provinces. They also offer software solutions that help cut down on insurance premiums and staffing costs.

They also offer individual or group health and dental packages for business owners and their staff.

They take on hard work of insurance by finding the best insurance brokers to fit your business and needs and help you through the whole process.

For more information visit their site:


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