11 Powerful Benefits of GPS Tracking for Fleets

11 Powerful Benefits of GPS Tracking for Fleets

Are your fleet managers struggling to keep track of all the vehicles, monitor the amount of fuel used and collect important data essential for effective fleet management? Then it is high time you invest in a GPS fleet tracking system.

Running a transportation business is not easy and you can not rely on guesswork, especially when it comes to managing a fleet of vehicles. Technology is continuously evolving to help fleet managers and shippers ensure the timely delivery of products and services. One such technology that is widely popular for its ability to reduce operational costs and enhance productivity is GPS tracking for fleets.

This blog explains what is fleet tracking and the key benefits of GPS fleet tracking for you business. Let’s get started – 

What is Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is a fleet management system that makes use of tech-enabled systems, telematics technology and GPS to keep track of fleet vehicles and assets such as employees and equipment. The GPS fleet tracking system utilizes satellite technology to provide accurate and real-time insight into the status of the fleet. 

By connecting with the vehicle’s Onboard Diagnostic Port, it records and communicates advanced diagnostic data such as trip history, location, speed, direction, fuel level, and more. The onboard diagnostic port is a connector that diagnoses and keeps track of the status of the engine and other systems in the vehicle.

Telematics technology collects data regarding vehicles, workers, and equipment in real-time. Research suggests that aside from offering tangible benefits like reducing operational costs and downtime, it ensures all-around safety with more than a quarter indicating speed prevention, driver monitoring, and preventing driver exhaustion.

Fleet monitoring collects the data and helps fleet managers, shippers, and business owners make strategic decisions regarding their operations by offering accurate information on aspects like fuel consumption, time spent on the site, vehicle usage, etc.

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Features of a GPS Fleet Tracking System –

A GPS fleet tracking system has a wide range of features like –

  • Real-time performance information, through mail or SMS like battery voltage alert, disconnection alert, and more.
  • On-demand downloadable reports like mileage reports, trip reports, etc.
  • Driver behaviour analysis, which helps in keeping an eye on acceleration, harsh braking, speeding, and idling.
  • Fuel management to check how often the vehicle is being refuelled and drained.
  • Route planning and monitoring to ensure that the fleet is taking the optimized route.

11 Powerful Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Let’s understand how a GPS Fleet Tracking assists in fleet management –

  1. Minimizes Maintenance Cost: The latest GPS fleet tracking systems are equipped with telematic features like vehicle diagnostics, engine temperature indicators, and fuel indicators. These features help in analyzing the overall health of the vehicle. It saves time and money otherwise spent in taking the vehicle to a mechanic for inspection.
  2. Maximizes Vehicle Utilization: Thereafter, it allows you to monitor the location and performance of the vehicle at any given time. Since the data collected from the fleet tracking system uncovers when the vehicle is idle or moving, this will help in better route planning and increase the number of trips. With this data in hand, you will be able to ensure the optimum utilization of resources and maximize profits.
  3. Eliminates Billing Discrepancies: Next, it utilizes digital timekeeping which reduces reliance on manual entry and eliminates the possibility of billing discrepancies and dispatching errors. It further ensures proper time management by automating report generation, which makes sure that the employees are paid on time, thereby eliminating unnecessary paperwork and preventing the possibility of mistakes like overbilling.
  4. Offers Timely Alerts: It sends timely notifications via SMS or email in situations when the vehicle is going out of the business zone. The geo-fencing features help the fleet manager keep track of the connected vehicles in real time by IoT sensors. This assists them in strengthening their control over their fleet, enhancing overall performance and maximizing revenue.
  5. Improves Safety: As mentioned earlier, with a GPS fleet tracking system, you can monitor vehicles in real-time. Since the fleet manager and drivers can communicate two-way, it can be of massive help in untoward situations like an accident, wherein they can provide immediate support and assistance to those involved. Additionally, the built-in accelerators can alert fleet managers about poor driving patterns, harsh acceleration, tailgating, speeding, and any red-light violations. This information will prove to be helpful to ensure that the vehicles are driven responsibly.
  6. Lowers Insurance Cost: Next, vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems are provided special insurance discounts. Furthermore, since fleet monitoring offers real-time visibility into the status of the vehicle, it will be easy to recover from any theft of vehicles or equipment as you can immediately inform the concerned authority of any such occurrence and take the necessary action immediately. 
  7. Efficient Fuel Usage: Fuel is one of the biggest expenses for transportation companies, second only to payroll. A GPS tracking system offers real-time information on the vehicle’s whereabouts. This leads to better route planning, improved driver behaviour and less idling, all of which are important factors responsible for increasing or decreasing fuel costs. Furthermore, the use of unauthorized vehicles significantly increases fuel costs. But with time-of-use restrictions and calendar templates, a GPS tracking system reports that to the concerned management.
  8. Enhances Route Planning: A GPS fleet tracking system offers insights into the route that the driver should take for quick and safe delivery of products along with the detailed direction for the entire route. Not only does this ensure better productivity but also minimizes the possibility of the vehicles getting into an accident due to constant cell phone usage. In case of any traffic jam, road closure, or accident, the GPS updates the driver with an alternative route to ensure on-time service which results in enhanced customer satisfaction.
  9. Provides Better Security: With a fleet tracking system, you can decide what are the boundaries to which your vehicle can travel, including areas where the driver can rest. Fleet managers can make use of the notification system to alert the customers when the facility arrives at their place, thus preventing any unauthorized access. Furthermore, since the manager will be updated regarding the status in real-time, they can send immediate support and assistance during unfortunate situations like an accident.
  10. Boosts Customer Satisfaction: Another key benefit of GPS fleet tracking is that it boosts customer satisfaction substantially. Customers value and appreciate receiving real-time information on the vehicle’s status and performance.  With the help of GPS-enables improved route planning, fleet managers can ensure that the shipment gets delivered to the customer on time, thus boosting customer satisfaction.
  11. Minimizes Paperwork: Lastly, with a GPS fleet tracking system in place, all the tasks that were otherwise done on heaps of paperwork, are now managed digitally. This improves productivity and efficiency by minimizing the problems associated with a manual entry like – the possibility of errors, duplication, and missing out on information.

Discover RENTALL’s Built-in GPS Tracking Solution for Your Fleet  

In today’s fast-paced world, managing a fleet efficiently requires more than just an experienced eye. It demands the assistance of advanced technology. Thankfully, RENTALL brings to the table its built-in GPS tracking solution – a one-stop solution for fleet managers looking to seamlessly manage rentals, payments, and most importantly, their vehicles’ locations.  

Understanding the importance of real-time monitoring and effective management, RENTALL has introduced unique features in its GPS tracker that ensures a hassle-free experience: 

RENTALL offers a built-in GPS tracker to help you easily manage your entire fleet, rentals, and payments in one reliable place.

Features like Plug-and-Play, Realtime tracking, Driving Behavior identifier, Remote Power Off, Mileage Tracking, and Unplug Alarm make managing your fleet easier. Let’s understand these features in some detail below –


  • Plug-and-Play: Say goodbye to the era of complicated setups. RENTALL believes in simplicity. With their Plug-and-Play feature, even those not tech-savvy can easily get started. Just plug in the ODB device that we ship to you, and you are good to go!
  • Real-time Tracking:Knowing your vehicle’s exact location can be a game-changer. RENTALL’s real-time tracking system lets you keep a vigilant eye on every move, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Mileage Tracking: RENTALL’s solution helps you track the number of miles covered by your vehicles. This can assist in scheduling timely maintenance and calculating fuel costs.
  • Geo Fences: This feature allows you to set geographical boundaries for each of your rental contracts. Should a vehicle enter or exit these pre-defined zones, you will receive an instant SMS notification. A perfect feature to ensure contract adherence and vehicle safety.
  • Driving Record:Safety comes first. And with RENTALL, you can monitor a driver’s behavior, ensuring they are adhering to all safety norms and driving regulations.
  • Unplug Alarm: The safety of your fleet is paramount. If someone tries to tamper with the GPS device by unplugging it, you’ll be immediately notified, ensuring you can take quick preventive action. 

Beyond the state-of-the-art GPS tracking capabilities, RENTALL is designed to comprehensively understand the nuances of vehicle rental operations. With insights into real-time vehicle data, business owners can make proactive decisions, minimizing downtime and maximizing fleet availability. The analytics provided can help fine-tune operational strategies, from fuel management to maintenance schedules. 


Furthermore, RENTALL focuses on enhancing the overall customer experience. Customers can enjoy seamless bookings, real-time vehicle availability, and transparent pricing modules. This not only fosters loyalty but also attracts new clients through positive word-of-mouth referrals. Moreover, our dedicated support team ensures that both businesses and their clients have an ally in every step of the journey, be it troubleshooting or seeking guidance. 

With RENTALL’s holistic approach to fleet management, businesses can be confident in their capability to scale, adapt, and evolve in an ever-changing market landscape. Adopting RENTALL is not merely an upgrade; it is an investment into the future of your vehicle rental business. 

To find out more about how RENTALL can deliver improved operational efficiencies, first-class customer service and increased profitability for your car rental business, get in touch with us here. Alternatively, you can also connect with us at +1 888 628 6827 or for a consultation.


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